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In addition to the conventional functions, the long-distance laser camera also adopts the latest optical infrared correction technology, which can keep the focus unchanged day and night and synchronize the visible light and infrared laser with simple operation. 


The details are as follows:

1. Simple target searching at night: the ordinary optical system is designed for visible light. When imaging with laser illumination at night, as the laser belongs to infrared light and is inconsistent with the visible light focus of the lens, there is a problem that the focusing operation needs to be repeated in the zoom process, which is not conducive to target searching in the night environment. The optical infrared correction optical technology can ensure that the laser illumination picture is always clear in wide-angle, medium focus and long focus process, and the zoom operation does not need to focus manually again, which is convenient for the wide-angle search of the target. When the target is locked and zoomed in, just operate the zoom button to clearly observe the target. It eliminates the repeated focusing operation in the zoom process, and effectively improves the convenience of the equipment.

2. Precise lens focus preset position: in actual use, it is usually necessary to set the preset position for the monitoring point. The lens focus preset position is realized by the internal driving circuit and lens decoder for the optical focus. The ordinary circuit is also processed for the visible optical system. The limit error cannot be eliminated, so there will be a deviation of the focus point. The laser camera with an infrared correction optical system can effectively eliminate this deviation and ensure the high accuracy of focusing on the infrared laser at night. In remote monitoring of multi-point preset position cruise, it can fully automatically focus on each preset point clearly without manual intervention, which is simple and fast.

3. Consistent focus of the daytime picture: the ordinary optical system is designed for visible light, and the focus of the daytime visible light is inconsistent with that of infrared laser illumination imaging at night. The mechanical focusing mode adopted by some manufacturers is to switch between the two focuses in the daytime. There is a cumulative error of mechanical switching, and the visible light will interfere with the laser at night. As a result, the picture definition is reduced, and as the background operation function is required for mechanical switching, the complexity of customer operation will be increased. The optical infrared correction optical technology can ensure the consistency of day and night focus, pure optical realization, no mechanical switching and no additional operation in the background. The picture is clear in the day and night, and the light at night will not form interference. It will also improve the imaging illumination and reduce the noise, which is simple to use.


The laser camera with the infrared correction optical system can ensure the same focus in the daytime, clear picture, no redundant operation, no manual focusing on the zoom process. The user can complete the search and careful observation of the target with only one zoom operation. In practical use, it can quickly search and enlarge the observation target.

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