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Application Case of Airport Perimeter Radar Video Security System

Application Case of Airport Perimeter Radar Video Security System

The radar security solution is a comprehensive system linked by radar and camera. Compared with the camera , the radar can work normally without being affected under the weather conditions of the day, night, fog, dust, rain, and snow. This kind of solution using radar and camera linkage is being widely promoted and applied.

For many years, our company has focused on the application of multispectral optoelectronic systems in the maritime and land security field and provided users with hardware systems and overall event solutions. This time, we cooperated with a company in radar. The maritime fixed installation ship optoelectronic image stabilization thermal imager provided by our company can adapt to various adverse weather on the sea, land security monitoring field, and achieve various observation, search, monitoring, and evidence collection.

1. Introduction

The radar security solution is a comprehensive security solution linked by radar and a photoelectric system. It combines radar with CCTV video monitoring, infrared monitoring, and other means to realize the radar's function of automatically detecting and identifying suspicious intrusion targets, and automatically mobilizing cameras to track and monitor suspicious targets, thus greatly improving the work efficiency of the monitors.

 The system makes full use of the advantages of a wide radar detection range, a large sensing area, and a wide range of targets. It uses remote electro-optical equipment to conduct all-weather imaging discrimination for key targets and combines radar processing software, AIS (or ADS-B), and satellite positioning to jointly complete target detection, positioning, tracking, and recognition. In our radar camera linkage solution, radar can be primary radar, AIS, ADS-B, or radar tracking data after fusion. The linked camera shall conform to Pelco-D protocol or Chess protocol.


2. Features

It has the ability to detect long distances. Moving objects can be seen at 1km, 5km, or even 10km at night, no matter people, vehicles, or objects, because infrared thermal imager  according to the different temperatures of objects. This infrared thermal imager allows rapid upgrading between PT series optical elements. It is equipped with uncooled type max 300mm or cooled type max 1100mm lens, enabling us to detect objects in high definition.

This infrared thermal imager contains an uncooled infrared detector. This reduces downtime to an absolute minimum. We need to ensure that the infrared thermal imager operates around the clock. The automatic tracking intrusion detection performance combined with the dual sensor management software can realize the "point line plane" management of the airport perimeter to achieve 24-hour all-weather airport perimeter prevention, and its core idea is to expand the "transient" management of intrusion behavior to the "continuous" management to achieve the management of intrusion events before, during and after the event.

An infrared thermal imager can be integrated into TCP/IP network; The workstation started from any client can not only view the real-time image, but also move the infrared thermal imager through the arrow control, and select infrared/visible light, autofocus, zoom, etc. Advanced automatic image processing and analysis functions can be performed: motion detection, history, video recording, and automatic direction change based on alarm (rotation prompt).