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Application for Intrusion Alarm Function of Thermal Camera

Application for Intrusion Alarm Function of Thermal Camera

As we all know, thermal imaging technology is a tool that can observe in dark environments and various weather conditions. It can "see" the heat energy emitted by objects through the use of an infrared thermal imager. The infrared thermal imager can generate visible infrared or "thermal" radiation images. According to the temperature difference between objects, clear images can be generated, even small details can be seen, and can work day and night.

Advantages of thermal imager:

·Comprehensive detection, low false positive rate, high accuracy, and long distance

·It can work 24 hours a day, night and night

·It can work under severe weather conditions (full black, backlight, and strong light environment)

·It can be detected through mist, rain, smoke, etc

·The heat contrast can hardly be concealed, and the invaders have nowhere to hide

The thermal image monitoring and alarm system can make the tracking personnel see all the details; In case of any suspicious situation, the system triggers linkage, and the dual light system starts to track and lock the target. In a rainy and windy environment, the visibility of the thermal image is higher than that of visible light.


Application For Railway

Conventional railway protection alarm mainly includes bridge and tunnel notification alarm, rockfall detection alarm, landslide and collapse detection alarm, avalanche detection alarm, water level detection alarm, etc. The thermal imager can realize area alarm and automatic tracking at the same time and still maintain a good effect, with less noise, which will not affect the manual interpretation of images; It is not affected by visibility and still has a high effect in fog, haze, rain, and snow. Strong anti-interference ability. FC can see moving objects at 1km, 5km, or even 10km at night, no matter whether people, vehicles or objects, because the infrared thermal imager images are according to different temperatures of objects.


Application for Airport

The "point, line and plane" management of the airport perimeter has realized 24-hour all-weather airport perimeter prevention, and its core is to expand the "transient" management of intrusion behavior to the "continuous" management, realizing the management of intrusion events before, during and after the event. Including all-weather security management, the security system should closely monitor the security situation in the controlled area, whether in a bad wind or fog environment or a dark environment at night.


Application for Oilfield

Safety hazards such as multiple working points, scattered locations, long distances, bad environments, lightning strikes, earthquakes, oil and gas leakage, and man-made damage often occur. Therefore, real-time monitoring and control of oilfield production and operation conditions, environmental conditions and safety conditions, and rapid response to emergencies. The security personnel in the oil field operation area check the safety of the vast oil area outside by checking the security video in real-time. The platform can continuously monitor the production oil wells, oilfield materials, life safety, etc. in the operation area for 24 hours, and can save and record the video images in the recent one month, so as to facilitate the later evidence and judgment, and become a technical defense assistant in the key period of stability maintenance and security.