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As an advanced high-tech monitoring method, infrared high resolution thermal camera temperature monitoring has the irreplaceable advantage of using temperature to image. It can be used in the security monitoring and early warning of the computer room of the financial system and the cash replenishment room to achieve bank security and fire prevention fully integrated, playing a major role.

Why does bank industry need high resolution thermal camera technology?

At present, the technical defense of each bank branch basically has done the power environment monitoring, equipped with many sensors, intelligent UPS, temperature and humidity detectors, etc., but in the news in various places, you can still see the computer room safety accidents (such as fires, power failures) ), the reason is nothing more than the following aspects:

1. Failure to follow national standards during the construction of the computer room, resulting in excessively close installation of various equipment, and the inability to dissipate heat during the operation of the equipment, resulting in local heating, which in turn causes short circuits in the circuit and, in severe cases, a fire;

2. Inadequate daily maintenance and neglect of daily inspection and maintenance;

3. The monitoring equipment fails.

The fundamental reason is that the installed temperature and humidity monitors and other detection equipment mainly monitor the average temperature of the entire space, and cannot well monitor the temperature changes of various parts of the equipment. The temperature measurement and early warning type thermal imaging binocular protective cover network camera is an excellent auxiliary monitoring equipment.

Application advantages of high resolution thermal camera

Thermal imaging application advantages: automatic identification + manual judgment.

The machine room and the cash replenishment room are confined spaces. Due to long-term obstruction, the temperature in the room is likely to rise. Although the precision air conditioner automatically cools down, the temperature will rise sharply due to the long-term operation of the equipment itself. Compared with the surrounding environment, it can form a high temperature zone.

The real-time heat map collected by the high resolution thermal camera can capture the part of the heat-generating device from two aspects: on the one hand, from the perspective of temperature measurement, the heating part should be located at the highest temperature of the full screen; on the other hand, from the image gray form From a point of view, the hot spot should be the bright small pixel part of the image.

Therefore, through advanced temperature measurement algorithms, the underlying embedded processing platform returns the highest temperature coordinate position in real time, supplemented by image processing algorithms, and finally locks the real-time position of the heating part in each frame.

By setting the temperature threshold, when an over-temperature target is found, an external acousto-optic alarm will be sent out, and the target information will be manually confirmed by the real optical high resolution thermal camera to determine whether to activate the fire-fighting facilities in real time and turn off the power switch in real time. 

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