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1. Demand analysis of handheld thermal imaging cameras

Commercial streets, road checkpoints, stations and surrounding areas, densely populated sections, key communities, entertainment venues and other places which have the characteristics of large flow of people and strong mobility usually become important crime sites for criminals. The distribution of the police force and the inability to overstrengthen the police force have led to panic among the masses. The Public Security Bureau is required to ensure the safety while not blindly increasing the police force so as to provide a high-quality environment for citizens and a perfect business environment for businesses.

Ordinary law enforcement instruments have weak visibility at night and require auxiliary lighting, which has great limitations for law enforcement personnel. The multi-functional handheld thermal imager can provide clear imaging in complete darkness and haze and other weather conditions, and can be used for all-weather monitoring by law enforcement officers at night.

2. Advantageous applications of handheld thermal imager

(1) Carry out law enforcement monitoring at road junctions in commercial districts, and monitor traffic, people flow, and public security;

(2) Conduct law enforcement monitoring of entertainment venues to prevent illegal and criminal acts;

(3) Law enforcement monitoring of other important public security points;

The handheld thermal imaging camera can see a clear target in complete darkness, haze, strong light and smoke, and can be used in any environment. The handheld thermal imager uses the infrared radiation emitted by the object to achieve imaging, without the need to create light by itself, which is very covert. Because the handheld thermal imaging method uses the radiation emitted by the object, the infrared thermal imaging technology is not affected by light, time, haze weather, and smoke, which provides beneficial help for law enforcement monitoring.

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