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The pace of life in the city is getting faster and faster, and the pressure on people is increasing. Walking into nature for outdoor sports in the spare time has gradually become the choice of a large number of people because they are tired of working and living in the city. Hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, rafting, cross-country mountain biking and other sports are deeply loved by young people because they can embrace nature, challenge themselves, exercise perseverance and teamwork spirit, and improve survivability in the wild.

1. Promotion of handheld thermal imager in outdoor sports

While enjoying the excitement of outdoor sports, you are also faced with hidden dangers. The outdoor environment is harsh, and it is easy to confront accidents if you don't pay attention. Search and rescue in the wild is difficult for rescuers. Especially, it is the biggest obstacle to conduct field search and rescue at night. So how to overcome this huge barrier? The promotion of handheld thermal imaging technology has effectively overcome this difficulty.

2. Product advantages of handheld thermal imaging cameras

The handheld thermal imager can capture clear thermal imaging images with a simple interface, and can quickly detect objects through dazzling light or mist in the completely dark environment. Equipped with a powerful core, it can generate thermal imaging images. It can also generate record geotagged videos and still images, which can be played back for easy reference at the end of the day.

The handheld thermal imager is sturdy and compact in appearance, and it can be operated with one hand even in extremely bad weather conditions. In the most demanding outdoor environment, the handheld thermal imaging can help you a lot at any time!

3. The characteristics of handheld thermal imaging cameras

(1) The handheld thermal imaging camera can record videos and images in real time. The clear thermal imaging picture can be recorded in time, and every field experience can be relived at any time.

(2) There are options of multi-functional lens. The handheld thermal imager is equipped with a brand-new lens with higher definition and wider detection range.

(3) It can provide the reliable infrared detection performance.

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