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Fire safety has always been an issue of great concern. In recent years, the functions of infrared thermal imagers on dense fog penetration and real-time temperature measurement have been gradually applied to fire protection. In the fire scene, with equipment of infrared thermal imagers, the fire location can be found earlier, the fire direction can be explored easily, and the rescue targets can be clearly located, which not only ensures fire safety but also improves the fire fighting and rescue efficiency.

For Fire Safety

For firefighters, the fire fighting work in the fire site is more uncertain and urgent. Therefore, many times, firefighters do not have time to know about the building structure, and the thick smoke will block their sight. With the function of penetrating thick fog, infrared thermal imagers can quickly help firefighters understand the direction and orientation of escape positions such as doors and windows.

In addition, some load-bearing parts in the fire site will collapse, and the fire of the steel structure plant will reduce the strength. The real-time temperature display of the infrared thermal imager can help firefighters avoid building structure defects and ensure their safety.

For fire source location

The important thing of fire fighting work is to find the fire point and extinguish the fire source to improve efficiency to a greater extent. With our eyes, we can only observe the flame fog. Through the real-time imaging characteristics of the temperature of the infrared thermal imager, according to the depth change of the infrared image, we can directly locate the fire source and extinguish the fire source.

In large-scale fire sites such as the petroleum and chemical industry, a large number of flammable substances stored increase the risk of fire, and there are flammable and explosive objects such as liquefied petroleum gas tanks in daily residents' homes. With the temperature measurement function, we can know about it to a certain extent, prevent and avoid the explosion source effectively in time.

For casualty rescue

In a fire, due to the obscuration of vision caused by thick fog and fire equipment, the sound that firefighters can hear for help will also be reduced, which increases the difficulty of fire rescue work.

The functions of infrared thermal imagers on penetrating thick fog provide convenience for rescue work. The research data shows that in the indoor fire scene under the same hot smoke condition, the search and rescue time with infrared thermal imagers can be reduced by 80%, and the rescue efficiency can be greatly improved.

For re-ignition detection

After the fire is extinguished, there are still residual fires, especially in the forest. If not extinguished totally, the re-ignition will lead to secondary property losses and casualties. Temperature measurement screening by infrared thermal imager can greatly reduce the risk of re-ignition. 



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