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Due to the influence of climate conditions, forest fires have the characteristics of randomness and suddenness. Therefore, in case of fire, fire-fighting measures must be taken quickly, otherwise it will bring incalculable losses. In order to achieve the goal of early detection, early report and early disposal, it is necessary to adopt high-tech means to strengthen forest fire prevention monitoring.


At present, the world's forest area is as large as 4 billion hectares. There is a demand for forest fire prevention and early warning system to varying degrees. In recent years, infrared thermal imaging monitoring and visible light image monitoring have been applied in forest fire prevention to a certain extent, but due to their own imaging and monitoring principle, a single monitoring mode is easy to produce false warnings.

The dual spectrum detection forest fire prevention intelligent early warning system adopts the dual spectrum detection method, combines the advanced infrared thermal imager acquisition and visible image detection through the intelligent analysis algorithm, and forms a digital and networked intelligent forest fire prevention command system with the network transmission system and display system, giving full play to their respective advantages to the greatest extent. It can effectively and accurately locate the fire site, and make up for the shortage of traditional fire alarm system, so as to achieve the effects of intelligent early warning.

Compared with the ordinary network video monitoring system, the dual spectrum detection forest fire prevention intelligent early warning system is more intelligent, high-end and accurate. It can automatically analyze and judge the video images by software, timely find the abnormal smoke and fire signs in the monitoring area and give an alarm, so as to achieve the purpose of early warning. You can also view the real-time image of the scene and directly command and dispatch fire fighting according to the intuitive picture.

software platform with the alarm mode

3D frame selection highlights the alarm point information: the sound + optical dual alarm mode is adopted. After receiving the front-end alarm, the preset sound alarm will start within 1 second, and the real-time video images of thermal image and visible light that generate the alarm will pop up. The alarm position identification box will be filled in with the video images to highlight the alarm point information, and the alarm azimuth and distance information will be displayed at the same time, which is convenient for users to observe.


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