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Breif Introduction of Walson Uncooled FPA Sensor Technology

Breif Introduction of Walson Uncooled FPA Sensor Technology

IP Thermal Module is developed on the basis of the latest uncooled infrared technology and infrared optical technology. It adopts an advanced digit circuit and imaging processing algorithm. A thermal camera is capable of penetrating dust, fog, rain, and darkness. Machine use wide power, is easy to connect and operate, can ensure the control convenience.


The uncooled network thermal imaging movement has an area array size of 384x288/640×512 vanadium oxide detectors, which can detect infrared radiation in the 8~14μm band. 12/17μm pixel center distance makes it have better imaging performance. Integrated network coding and network port output are convenient for connection and transmission and can be widely used in civil fields such as remote observation, fire prevention, security, key area protection, police law enforcement, scientific research, etc.


Product’s Highlights:


l  NETD 45mk enhances the imaging details even in foggy/rainy/snowy weather.

l  Suitable for zoom/fixed lens

l  Function of life index recording for thermal camera

l  WZ Non-uniform image correction technology, good image uniformity, and dynamic range.

l  SDE digital image processing, no image noise, 16 pseudo color images


Walson also equips our own thermal lens by this sensor, with options for:

Fixed lens: 13mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm

Duel-FOV: 38/150mm, 58/285mm

3X zoom lens: 25~75mm

5X zoom lens: 20~100mm, 30~150mm, 38~190mm

10X zoom lens: 23~230mm, 30~300mm