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Drone Solutions Based on Thermal Image Camera

Drone Solutions Based on Thermal Image Camera

1. The System Structure

Anti-drone Intelligent Auto Defense system is based on a precise photoelectric detective platform as the core of the system. It integrates radar equipment and fixed radio interfere equipment in depth. The system can realize early detection, stable tracking, accurate identification, and effective countermeasure of small UAVs; The photoelectric platform integrates focal high definition cameras, cooled/uncooled infrared thermal imaging camera, and a precision servo platform. The system is widely applicable by police, public security, border defense, etc., The system is usually used for the defense of "low-slow-small" targets such as large-scale gatherings, key regions, and military areas.

2. System Feature

Based on the self-research precision photoelectric devices, an anti-drone intelligent auto defense system integrates exploration, detection, control, disturbance, lure and capture by integrating phased array radar, passive spectrum, navigation deception, and positioning equipment. The anti-drone intelligent auto defense system can effectively guarantee low altitude safety in key areas all day, all time, and all-round.


3. The Role of Thermal Imaging Camera

ØFunction of all-round all-weather detection, tracking, identification, and monitoring of targets; 

ØFunction of real-time display, storage, and playback of target image; 

ØImage enhancement function and improves the high-quality imaging monitoring ability under severe weather conditions; 

ØFunctions of manual search, manual/automatic tracking of targets; 

ØInformation guidance ability, linkage, and anti reaction ability with radar detection, spectrum detection, and jamming equipment; 

ØMoving target detection: the algorithm based on space/time, frame correlation, and neural network is used to detect the weak and small moving targets automatically; 

ØFunction of real-time reporting of target angle, and realizes the output function of image, azimuth, and pitch angle of tracking target; 

ØFunction of on-board transportation and manual movable and erection; ØSelf inspection and state output function of main modules of the equipment.