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DTE Series HD Thermal Duel Sensor Camera Introduction

DTE Series HD Thermal Duel Sensor Camera Introduction

Our DTE series of intelligent dual-sensor IR camera systems are designed and developed based on:

1. The latest generation of uncooled infrared technology and high-definition visible imaging technology, for the purpose of the long-range day and night monitoring. 

2. Infrared thermal imaging uses a 17-micron uncooled ultra-fine resolution uncooled focal plane imaging detector with high sensitivity of 640*512 or 384*288 resolution, and a miniaturized infrared lens designed by AS+DOE continuous zoom optical technology. 

3. Advanced digital circuits and image processing algorithms provide delicate and smooth images; 

4. Full-HD color & black-white dual-mode low illumination CMOS sensor and long focus compact zoom lens, substantially reduce the size and weight of the visible camera, which has brought enormous convenience to the users during installation and application. 

5. With 360 degrees of Omni-directional Pan-Tilt, to achieve searching and observation distance within 4000m ~ 18000m. 

6. The internal industrial embedded control electronic system implemented with high stability control of the camera during zooming, focusing, mode switching, and tilt/pan rotation of the Pan-Tilt. 

7. The housing is made of super-strong aluminum alloy to achieve an IP66 protection level, which guarantees the camera is operated longer and stable in a harsh outdoor environment.


This dual-sensor thermal camera will also optionally equip with a super-homogenized NIR laser as the illumination source, cooperating with an HD low-illumination camera, it can be used for detailed observation of the targets discovered by the thermal imaging at night, to form a tri-sensor camera with infrared thermal image detection, visible and NIR laser for day and night recognition, that suitable for long-range target monitoring under all-weather conditions. Will also add-on with laser rangefinder, Beidou/GPS, electronic compass, and other sensors & accessories, where to obtain long-range targets and scenarios with precise location information, and to constitute a multi-functional situational awareness long-range monitoring equipment.


This dual-sensor camera can also cooperate with its dedicated DF200 key area defense platform software, which to implement its’ intelligent functions such as regional intrusion detection, cross-border intrusion detection, multi-scenario group cruising detection, 3D selected for zooming/positioning, automatic target tracking, panoramic mosaic, radar linkage and so on, and to reach automatic unattended.


This series of cameras come with a built-in intelligent hot-point detection algorithm which can automatically detect long-distance flaming, vehicles, personnel, and other heat source targets, it can detect the fire source with a warning display within a radius of 6000m. With the dedicated FR4000 of fire warning platform software, it can achieve the functions of automatic control scanning, automatic processing of emergency information, auto-recording, auto-calculating and calibration of fire location, virtual precinct management, GIS map information display, meteorological data access, hierarchical management, dynamic evolution of fire situation, rescue strategy and other function. This camera is suitable to apply for forest fire prevention, husbandry grassland, coal mine, large granary, and other long-range automatic fire pre-warning monitoring.