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Forest fire is normally very sudden and random, and it can cause a huge loss in a short time. Therefore, once there is a fire, it is necessary to take measures to put out the fire at a very fast speed. The traditional fire alarm system is generally based on an infrared sensor, that is to detect the smoke, temperature and light generated when the fire occurs, and send out the fire alarm signal after signal processing. The common system cannot quickly collect the information of smoke temperature change, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of early detection and fire prediction. 

With our night vision technology such as laser lighting and infrared thermal imaging, combined with image acquisition, network transmission and display system, Walsontech company has developed an intelligent forest fire prevention analysis system that can continuously monitor day and night. The system is based on digital and network video monitoring. Compared with general network video monitoring, it is a more advanced intelligent application. The intelligent analysis system of forest fire prevention can realize unattended and uninterrupted work, automatically analyze and judge the video image information; timely discover the abnormal smoke and fire signs in the monitoring area, and carry out fire alarm and fire situation analysis in a fast and good way; it can also effectively assist firefighters to deal with fire crisis, and greatly reduce the phenomenon of false alarm and false alarm; at the same time, our thermal camera for fire detection can also be checked to look at the real-time image of the scene, direct command and dispatch the firefighting according to the intuitive picture. Firefighter thermal imaging camera for sale at Walson!

Thermal Camera For Fire Detection

PTZ Firefighting Thermal Camera

  • Continuous zoom thermal imaging technology is adopted, with clear imaging and long detection distance, which can not only search the fire in a large range, but also observe the fire situation in a short distance

  • Special high-temperature alarm detector with high sensitivity and resolution

  • Front end high-temperature digital alarm, professional forest fire alarm algorithm, higher efficiency and accuracy

  • Fire source automatically enlarged function which is convenient for fire confirmation

  • Day and night low illumination fog penetrating camera for detail observation and harsh environment

  • Autofocusing technology, which can realize multiple focusing modes and trigger modes

  • 3D positioning function realize the frame selection, amplification and click center function, which reduces the operation difficulty and improves the equipment usability

  • Monitoring shielding area can be set to reduce false alarm

  • Variable speed 360° PTZ, no blind angle monitoring and excellent high-precision positioning

  • Professional design with IP66,67 protection level with strong light, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, acid rain proof

Thermaln Imaging Camera Firefighting

Software For Thermal Imaging Camera Firefighting Features

  • Central server: For multi-area and fire thermal imaging cameras operate, monitor and review.

  • Video recording: Video for daily recording and alarm information

  • Self-testing: Automatically test and give suggestions for users about the condition of power and camera condition.

  • Intelligent function: Beidou/GPS, Electronic compass, Laser Refiner, Electronic map, radar linkage etc. 

  • Adaptable: The software can be access to the users platform for further development.

  • Muti-purpose: Walsontech software of thermal camera firefighting can also be used for security purposes with the function of auto-patrol, intrusion alarm, etc.

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