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The weather is changeable, the temperature difference between morning and night is large, and the air quality is declining, all of which can easily cause influenza. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct investigations in places with heavy traffic such as stations, subways, airports, and ports. Among them, handheld thermal imaging body temperature screening is the most direct and effective screening method for influenza.

But the more intensive the flow of people, the more difficult the investigation will be. Using the traditional method of body temperature monitoring, the process is slow, and it is easy to cause detention or other special situations. To solve the problem of difficulty in troubleshooting, you can use an handheld thermal imaging specifically for human body temperature measurement. Compared with traditional temperature measurement methods, using handheld thermal imagings have many advantages:

1. Non-contact investigation of handheld thermal imager

Handheld thermal imager measure the infrared rays radiated from the surface of the object. The intensity of infrared light directly reflects the surface temperature of the object. Therefore, there is no need to directly contact the inspected person when using the handheld thermal imager, and the measurement speed and efficiency will be higher.

2. Accurate temperature measurement with handheld thermal imager

The handheld thermal imaging camera for human body temperature screening is equipped with a high-precision detector, and the measurement range is also set in a reasonable interval, which can give very accurate results.

3. Real-time imaging of handheld thermal imager

The handheld thermal imaging equipped with real-time imaging function is very suitable for detection in places with heavy traffic, and the detection results are given in real time. The inspected personnel do not need to line up for inspection one by one, which can greatly improve the time and efficiency of screening.

4. Long-term continuous detection with handheld thermal imager

When fully charged or powered on, infrared handheld thermal imaging can achieve long-term continuous detection. Even if the flow of people is large, the inspection process and results will not be greatly affected.

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