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How the Intelligent Camera Video System Work for Unmanned Ship

How the Intelligent Camera Video System Work for Unmanned Ship

1. Navigation safety

Walson cameras have an AR function, which is organically combined with the existing AIS ship information system. After being used with various cameras, it can remotely identify ships at sea and greatly enhance the detection and monitoring ability of unmanned ships. It strives to pass through the shelter of fog, haze, rain, and snow in different environments and capture the target image, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the camera system is not affected by the mirror effect or antenna sweeping in low angle scenarios. Compared with radar, the thermal camera can better deal with slow-moving targets and targets with small radar cross-section areas, and targets in a cluttered environment, so that clear images of targets can still be captured on the water surface.


2. Navigate intelligently

When operating without lights, the ship security threat sensing system can see the traffic conditions in complete darkness. This helps to avoid collisions, identify suspicious vessels, and view activities on board. Thermal imaging can also help identify navigation equipment, buoys, logs, and other debris floating in the water. When responding to calls at high speed, this enhanced vision is essential to ensure the safety of ships.

3. Monitor outside the security zone

Night-time decision-making is a challenge for all emergency personnel. A remote and stable thermal imager system can help observe suspicious activities or respond quickly to emergencies. The maritime photoelectric system has the same hidden advantages on water.

The ship security threat perception system can help identify suspicious or threatening behaviors and have more time to respond. Monitor from a safe confrontation distance, and then enter at an appropriate time. The ship security threat sensing system can observe activities in the dark from a long distance, which is very useful for law enforcement and security applications.

The ship security threat sensing system can provide situational information that cannot be captured by other low light technologies, record activities on board, and transmit it to the command center of the network system in real time.