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How the thermal camera can help to fight forest fire?

How the thermal camera can help to fight forest fire?

1. The difficulty of Fire Detection

1-1 Wide range with a various fire sources

As we all know, most forest areas are located in remote mountain forest areas. Once a fire occurs, it is undoubtedly a struggle with time. Therefore, how effectively monitoring a large area of the forest area has become a big problem.

1-2 How to solve the fire problem at the beginning?

There are many possible causes of fire in forest areas, such as an open fire caused by human factors, and humus smoldering caused by thunder fire. The fire in the early stage of fire is the most easily extinguished and contained, but it is also the most easily ignored. Then monitoring the possible fire source for the first time has become an effective means to reduce the fire incidence.


1-3 There are many uncontrollable factors on the fire scene

Due to wind direction, dense fog, and other reasons, the development of fire fighting work will be blocked or even personal danger. Moreover, the topography of the forest area is complex, so it is very important to find the fire point and judge the fire spread trend.

2. PTZ Thermal Camera

2-1 Thermal CCTV duel sensor camera

The traditional camera can only work when there is visible light, but the infrared thermal imaging system uses the poor thermal sensitivity of the object for imaging, ignoring the visibility, smoke, water mist and other harsh environments. CTE-D series combines the dual spectrum of visible light and infrared light to visually locate the fire area and clearly image the terrain, which provides convenience for fire fighting work.


2-2 Multi-Preset Patrol

Based on the wide area of forest fire prevention, the CTE-D series can set multiple preset positions. The overall PTZ can rotate 360 ° horizontally and 90 ° up and down, and carry out 24-hour / 365-day continuous temperature monitoring for different directions. According to the change of cruise path, measure the temperature according to the area or point, and send an alarm message in time in the face of abnormal temperature.

2-3 Suitable for harsh weather

Forest monitoring is often faced with extreme weather, such as rain, snow, and even strong wind weather. Wind and sand are rampant. Therefore, the requirements for product resistance and water resistance are very strict. Ti300ptz-s | ti600ptz-s has impact resistance, corrosion resistance, dust prevention, and waterproof grade of IP66, escorting the safe construction of mountains and forests!