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How The Thermal Imaging Helps In Law Force

How The Thermal Imaging Helps In Law Force

A major homicide occurred and the criminal quickly fled to the mountains and looked for a hiding place in the dense forests and complex karst caves. How the thermal imaging helps the police for arduous search and rescue in the endless mountains?

1. The handheld thermal imaging camera for law force

After several days of control and investigation, no trace of the suspect was found. The police immediately sent an invitation for assistance with thermal imaging technology. Infrared thermal imaging equipment TPS series joined the suspect hunting team, and participated in the formulation of the arrest plan.


2. Searching Plan

In order to escape and survive for a long time in the mountainous area, The killer lurks in and out at night and cannot lurk out during the day. At night, he collects wild fruits or touches the village to find clothes and food. At the same time, it is not ruled out that relatives and friends provide shelter and assistance.

Based on the current situation, the headquarters readjusted the investigation plan: give up large-scale mountain search, use high technology to guard the key control of the main roads in and out of the valley, supplemented by daily fixed-point area search.

The headquarters delimits the key search areas and patrol routes every day and marks them on the 3D electronic map. Using the basic function of "night vision" of an infrared thermal imager, the police can search around the clock and quickly detect high-temperature personnel hiding in the dense forest. After discovering the suspicious target, turn on the laser ranging function to quickly locate the target position for accurate capture.


3. How the thermal imaging helps in law force

- Search in a totally dark environment

The "night vision" ability of the infrared thermal imagers is particularly outstanding. When searching at night, it can easily identify high-temperature targets hidden in dense forests at night without moonlight, starlight, and lighting

- Work in harsh weather

It is rainy and foggy in the forest. Even in the daytime, the field of vision will be limited, affecting the search efficiency. Infrared thermal imaging is not affected by wind, rain, snow, fog, and other bad weather, and can also clearly show the hidden people in the dense forest

- Protect observer

Infrared thermal imaging is a passive technology to receive infrared radiation. It has super secrecy and will not expose the position of police officers

- 24/7 hours work

The forest area is large, and the infrared thermal imaging equipment can detect a wider range of forest areas and conduct 24-hour efficient investigation