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How Thermal Camera Can Help To Illegal Ship Supervision

How Thermal Camera Can Help To Illegal Ship Supervision

1. Long Range Defog Monitor

Thermal imaging can detect targets from a long distance, illegal ships, clear reefs, reefs, ice floes, shoals, and other threats in low visibility, a black environment, fog, rain, and snow, and quickly identify all threats. The gyro stabilization function makes the monitoring image always get a clear and stable image. With the multi-dimensional sensing function, the surrounding ships can have a panoramic view of the dynamics.


2. High Resolution

The equipment integrates an infrared thermal imager and a color camera, which can output two videos at the same time, effectively solve the problem of weather affecting a wide range of search targets, and complete the monitoring and evidence collection of important targets and illegal ships day and night. The system can intuitively, directly, effectively and in real-time monitor the on-site situation of the channel, combined with the video analysis function, timely discover the abnormal operation of the channel and automatically alarm, and timely dispatch and supervise the vessels for on-site treatment of the operation, traffic conditions, illegal sand mining, occupation of the channel and other phenomena;

3. Radar Linkage

Our camera system has the functions of automatic alarm, automatic target tracking, electronic cruise, integrated information display of GIS platform when ships enter key waters (such as no fishing areas), so as to realize radar active detection of fishing boat targets (20km range), video monitoring follows radar synchronous observation and focusing (10km range), and provides GPS coordinates to law enforcement personnel. Industry applications: channel facilities supervision, construction supervision, signal command, navigation mark telemetry, and remote control.