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Although the contest between various countries is not too obvious today, as long as which country first invents military equipment that other countries do not have, it will be envied by other countries. When envy, it is more of a sense of crisis, because of this. It means that if you don't quickly develop more powerful military equipment, you will only get a share. Therefore, laser weapons and stealth fighters are the targets of these countries, and military infrared camera is also one of them. This technology was originally used for citizens economy, production and construction, scientific research, etc., but now it is widely used in the national defense and military, and its military applications have also involved various aspects of infrared alerting, tracking, targeting, and guidance.

If you want to study military equipment in detail, then a foreign ballistic missile defense adopts this technology. Different methods are adopted in the three stages of launch boost phase, extra-atmospheric ballistic flight phase, and re-entry phase. To establish a multi-level, full-range interception system, then military infrared camera is mainly manifested in these three aspects. The first is global surveillance, which can clearly monitor the number of enemy missiles and other details, as well as tracking. No tracker is needed, as long as the enemy's missile launch is found, it can be tracked. Another point is that it can identify various types of missiles.

In addition, the use of infrared imaging guidance allows the missile to obtain a longer omnidirectional detection range and identification, and the ability to counter artificial interference such as infrared decoys, greatly improving the power of the missile. The stealth fighter is considered advanced military equipment in the world today, but it is added. Infrared imaging technology can deal with stealth fighters, making them unrecognizable. Moreover, with the rapid development of infrared imaging technology, countries around the world have successively developed a variety of infrared imaging-guided missiles.

However, the initial application of this military infrared camera is not military, but the most widely used infrared device. With the emphasis on military equipment, it is slowly developed and gradually used in the military field, especially in the military field. After the photoconductive multi-line array device technology matured, thermal imaging cameras began to be mass-produced and equipped with the military. They developed rapidly with a wide range of types. They were also installed in missiles. In addition, this technology was also installed on ships and vehicles. The technology has successfully realized the functions of tracking, identification and monitoring, and is favored by much military equipment.

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