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Intelligent Early Warning for Landslides Along The Railway

Intelligent Early Warning for Landslides Along The Railway

A landslide is a kind of natural disaster. Natural disasters, including mountain torrents, droughts, earthquakes, floods, frost, etc., are abnormal phenomena in the natural environment on which people depend for survival. They often have a solid destructive force and are characterized by sudden occurrence, wide impact, and unavoidable, which can harm human society greatly. Therefore, in order to reduce casualties and property losses caused by disasters as much as possible, people also need to devote themselves to developing reliable intelligent monitoring systems to predict the arrival of various disasters, so as to actively take corresponding preventive measures to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

Major events such as train derailments frequently occur due to landslides, equipment failure, delayed risk knowledge, and untimely human handling. It is urgent to solve the problem of how to obtain safety information along the railway in real time all day to ensure the safety of railway operation.

Through the establishment of the landslide monitoring and early warning system, the 24-hour continuous monitoring of dangerous mountains can be realized, so that the management departments at all levels can grasp the operation status and safety status of the slope in real time, improve the safety of the slope, take emergency measures in a timely manner in case of alarm, ensure the safety of people's lives and property, avoid environmental pollution caused by slope landslide and other accidents, and protect the ecological environment.


It is a new tool for observation in dark environments and various weather conditions. It can "see" the heat energy emitted by objects through the use of an infrared thermal imager. The infrared thermal imager can generate visible infrared or "thermal" radiation images. According to the temperature difference between objects, clear images can be generated, even small details can be seen, realizing day and night work.

The product of this scheme can set the specific state of the specified target to achieve flexible and practical monitoring and defense mode. It has a thermal potential sensor to obtain clear images in a challenging imaging environment, automatically detect the motion behavior characteristics in the video screen, and provide clear and original data for the entire intelligent analysis and monitoring system, thus reducing the occurrence of false alarm events.

The system equipment detects the deformation situation of the slope through continuous monitoring, and gives early warning of the over-threshold deformation, collapse, block falling, and other disasters, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and ensure the safety of railway operation.

Video is used to collect slope shape information. By using the AI depth learning method, the initial slope model can be established, which can complete the tasks of target classification, detection, segmentation, recognition, etc., and obtain the detection distance and positioning information, which is not easily affected by light and bad weather conditions.


Advantages of infrared thermal imager:

1. It works all day without a light source and is not afraid of strong light.

2. It has a strong ability to penetrate fog, rain, and snow, and can adapt to imaging under harsh environmental conditions.

3. Strong ability to identify camouflage.

4. It has the ability of temperature detection, which is conducive to improving the preparation of intelligent analysis compared with visible light.

5. The target can be found by observing the large scene range of 1~2km depth at the same time.



1. Tracking monitoring of landslide displacement and deformation

Thermal imaging technology is added to the landslide monitoring to monitor all characteristic points of the landslide in real-time, so as to realize the whole area displacement and deformation monitoring of the landslide, and real-time dynamic monitoring all day.

2. Real-time intelligent automation

The landslide intelligent monitoring system is composed of a number of integrated monitoring stations, data communication systems, and automatic monitoring and early warning platforms for intelligent monitoring. According to the scale, shape, geological characteristics, and development mechanism of landslide, monitoring instruments are comprehensively arranged to realize long-term real-time dynamic monitoring and early warning.

3. Support multi-dimensional data comparative analysis

Support the comparative analysis of different elements at the same monitoring point of landslides, such as displacement, deformation, rainfall, and groundwater level; Support the comparative analysis of the displacement and deformation of the same element at different monitoring points, such as the rear edge of the landslide and the tongue of the landslide; It supports user-defined dimensions, elements, graph types, value taking methods, time intervals, etc. for multi-dimensional comparative analysis.

4. Support distributed multi-level and multi-point deployment

Support provincial, municipal, district/county, township/town hierarchical deployment and big data management; Support multi-point deployment, landslide, collapse, debris flow, land subsidence and other disaster management, and flexibly deploy multiple systems according to actual needs; Data collection is supported. All point systems at all levels can collect data from the designated target system.