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Law Enforcement and Evidence Collection Solution

Law Enforcement and Evidence Collection Solution

1. Night Vision Rescue

The handheld thermal imager allows rescuers to see the safety of the crew in the dark and assess the surrounding security threats. It cannot be hidden from the thermal imager. The thermal imager can grasp the activities of people on the shore in real-time and can record activities on board. With the infrared thermal imager, the advantages of the infrared thermal imager such as on-site visual supervision, automatic detection of heat source targets and real-time warning, far night vision distance, real-time synchronization, and clear image quality can be used to achieve rapid search, positioning and identification of targets, and monitoring, video recording and evidence collection of channel operations and illegal acts;

2. Fire Rescue

The thermal imager can detect oil leakage in the dark, and can also penetrate smoke, dust, and mist; It can carry out external fire-fighting operations, oil slick recovery, and oil pollution elimination operations on the sea, and has the ability to search, rescue and rescue at sea at night, and can cooperate with rescue helicopters for maritime search and rescue.

The infrared thermal imager has a high level of imaging performance and environmental awareness, helping firefighters and rescuers complete rapid responses. It can see objects at a long distance, even in smoke and darkness. Under any light condition, users can see the target clearly through the darkness, light fog, and smoke that hinder normal vision.

3. Search And Rescue People Falling Into The Water

An infrared thermal imager is a practical tool for search and rescue, which is outstanding in the marine environment. A uniform dynamic scene makes objects with temperature (such as people) stand out in the scene; When infrared thermal imagers are used in maritime search and rescue operations, the head of a person who falls into the water is often a visible part of his body. The "head shape" picture displayed in white or red on the video is set against a black or dark gray background. Because the heat emitted by the head is much greater than that of water, the head will be clearly seen. This effect can be achieved by day and night, so as to achieve a 24-hour response.

4. Patrol

The multi-functional handheld thermal imager can clearly image in the dark, haze, The multi-functional handheld thermal imager can clearly image in the dark, haze and other weather conditions, and can be used for all-weather monitoring of law enforcement personnel at night. Infrared thermal imaging technology is not affected by light, day and night, haze environment and smoke, which provides beneficial help for patrol and law enforcement.