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A large number of technologies that we seem to be very common today were mostly used in the military field at first. Radar and jet engines were the first to be developed by the military and used for military applications. The Global Positioning System, commonly known as GPS, is a technology developed by the US Department of Defense in the early 1970s to control missiles. When first integrated into the car as a civilian application, GPS was still an extremely expensive system. Today, almost every new car is equipped with a GPS system.

However, the ancestor of all military inventions is the concept called "Intergalactic Network" by Pentagon officials. This crazy concept eventually became the Internet. There is no doubt that it was this military invention that changed our world to a great extent.

Today, there is another technology that also originated from military applications and played a great role in many useful civilian fields. This technology will not only change our lives, but also save lives. This technology is called: military thermal imaging camera.

military thermal camera

Military Thermal Imaging Working Principle

Unlike ordinary cameras that rely on light to produce images, thermal imaging cameras, sometimes called infrared thermal imaging cameras, can recognize small temperature differences and convert them into clear thermal images that make the details visible. Unlike other technologies, for example, light amplification requires at least a small amount of light to image, thermal imaging technology can observe things in complete darkness without any light.

Military thermal imaging camera night vision devices have very high technical requirements, so there are few manufacturers that can produce military thermal imaging camera night vision devices in the world.

military thermal imaging

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