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Infrared thermal imager for indusial temperature security is the development direction of modern electric power enterprises to make a reliable prediction of the early fault defects and insulation performance of electrical equipment, so as to improve the preventive test maintenance of traditional electrical equipment and to the predictive condition-based maintenance. Especially with the development of large units and ultra-high voltage, the reliable operation of the power system is related to the stability of the power grid, which puts forward higher and higher requirements. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, infrared condition monitoring and diagnosis technology has the characteristics of long-distance, no contact, no sampling, no disintegration, accurate, fast, intuitive and so on. It can monitor and diagnose most faults of electrical equipment in real-time.

Walson Tech uses Infrared imaging detection technology for non-contact detection of the equipment. The temperature field distribution can be recorded by users through pictures or videos. Our thermal imager sensor measures the temperature value of any part, so as to diagnose various external and internal faults. 

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It has the advantages of real-time, telemetry, intuitive and quantitative temperature measurement. It is very convenient to detect the operating equipment and live equipment of power plants, substations and transmission lines:

  • Easy to use and portable

The infrared thermometer can quickly provide temperature measurement. In the time of reading a leakage connection point with the thermocouple, the infrared thermometer can read the temperature of almost all the connection points. In addition, the infrared thermometer is solid, lightweight (less than 10 ounces), and easy to put in a leather case when not in use.

  • Accuracy

Another advantage of the infrared thermometer is its high accuracy (usually within 2 degrees). Because most equipment and factories run for 365 days, downtime is equivalent to reducing revenue. To prevent such losses, scan all field electronic devices circuit breakers, transformers, fuses, switches, buses and distribution boards to find hot spots. With the infrared thermometer, you can even quickly detect small changes in the operating temperature, and solve the problem when it sprouts, thereby reducing the expenses caused by equipment failure and the scope of maintenance.

  • Safety

Safety is the most important benefit of using an infrared thermometer. Different from the contact thermometer, the infrared thermometer can safely read the inaccessible or inaccessible target temperature. Non-contact temperature measurement can also be carried out in unsafe or difficult contact temperature measurement areas, such as near steam valves or heating furnaces. They do not need to take the risk of finger burns when they contact temperature measurement. Accurate measurement of the supply/return air temperature 25 feet above the head is as easy as measuring it at hand. Raytek and time infrared thermometers have laser aiming, which is easy to identify the target area. With it, your work can become much easier.

It is also infrared. After the power signal radiated by the object is converted into an electrical signal by the infrared detector, the output signal of the imaging device can simulate the spatial distribution of the surface temperature of the scanned object one by one. After being processed by the electronic system, it is transmitted to the display screen, and the thermal image corresponding to the surface heat distribution of the object is obtained. Using this method, we can realize the long-distance thermal state image imaging and temperature measurement of the target, and analyze and judge.

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