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Smart thermal imaging cameras are quickly becoming the preferred intruder detection solution for protecting outdoor assets. Whether it is used to protect smaller applications such as entrances or gates, or to ensure a larger circumference around energy, utility, chemical or transportation assets, the use of infrared thermal imaging cameras and video analysis technology can provide an accurate The detection solution, which can provide instant notification in real time.

Combining better outdoor thermal cameras with video analysis will increase cost-effectiveness to a new level. Outdoor thermal cameras with video analysis capabilities can perform high-precision detection under bright sunlight, fog, rain and other conditions.

1. Thermal video can speed up response speed

Many automatic detection technologies, including coaxial cable and fiber optic fence sensors, microwave, seismic sensors, and radar, can provide a certain degree of intruder detection. However, intelligent thermal imaging cameras combined with these analysis methods have obvious advantages. One of the advantages is speed, which is very important when trying to stop intruders. Only the video can provide detailed information to display and record the "content and location" of the alert without the need for other verification systems. Understanding the scale, location, and nature of the incident is the best way to mobilize a quick response.

2. Thermal imaging solutions can reduce annoying alarms

Another advantage of thermal imaging solutions is accuracy. When an intruder strikes, the triggered alarm must be credible and actionable. Annoying alerts can completely destroy your security system. This is the advantage of smart thermal imaging cameras. Outdoor thermal cameras are ideal "human detectors" outdoors because they can sense the heat of objects in the field of view without having to worry about interference such as lights that cause annoying alarms on the visible detection camera.

3. Excellent day/night monitoring

Although thermal imaging cameras have long been known for "seeing in the dark", today's more advanced thermal imaging cameras also show great advantages in daylight applications, which was once a real challenge. For example, during the day, people may be cooler than the background temperature because sidewalks, buildings, and other infrastructure absorb heat from the sun. When the background temperature of the scene becomes uniform in a given area, the display result of the earlier generation of outdoor thermal cameras is that the image area looks "white" and uncertain, so that the intruder cannot be found.

Now, with the increase in the sensitivity of thermal imagers and the greatly improved level of on-board video processing, thermal imaging cameras with video analysis functions can perform high-precision detection under bright sunlight, fog, rain and other conditions. These features extend the use of thermal imaging cameras from traditional "night vision" thermal imaging cameras to 24-hour intrusion detection solutions.

Fewer cameras are required to protect the same location, thereby reducing infrastructure, thereby reducing overall project costs, and outdoor thermal cameras can distinguish between the heat of moving people and animals and the changes in heat and light in the environment, thereby reducing "annoying" alarm.

4. Intelligent detection and analysis

For applications that require "detection and evaluation" functions, smart thermal imaging cameras also provide an excellent choice. Some smart thermal imaging cameras can automatically control the PTZ camera to zoom to the detected target, so that the alarm can be viewed at close range so that it can be quickly classified. By combining heat detection with automatically controlled PTZ, you can get comprehensive situational awareness across the entire range.

Combining better thermal images with video analysis can also bring cost-efficiency to a new level. The same image processing used to create better thermal images during the day can also provide more information to make video analysis more reliable. Today's smart cooling solutions can provide reliable intruder detection functions without being affected by wind, weather or small animals, trees or blowing garbage. Such a system needs to provide the necessary "security awareness" around peripheral and internal site assets even at the highest level of security and reliability.

5. Cost-effective perimeter security

Although perimeter protection is essential to the security of critical infrastructure, protecting the entire periphery is obviously more expensive than the small part. Therefore, many sites that cannot obtain funding for a comprehensive perimeter detection system will usually stick to any existing system, regardless of their sensitivity to nuisance alerts or their limited ability to provide reliable detection.

In view of this reality, when the system is not allowed to protect the entire perimeter under a limited budget, an emerging method focuses on first using an accurate thermal detection solution to ensure the most vulnerable area of the perimeter, and then within the budget allowed. Expand to cover more areas. This strategy limits the detection range to specific vulnerable areas. You can start from the defined area where the most serious accidents are likely to occur, rather than the entire range usually consisting of miles of fences. For example, you can start by protecting the main gate or entrance to quickly and economically solve their most important outdoor safety issues.

This is where recent innovations play an important role. Today, an outdoor thermal camera can detect intruders with high accuracy in a vast area covering hundreds of square meters. In this way, the site can respond to its security challenges immediately and efficiently with few cameras. Fewer cameras are required to protect the same location, thereby reducing other infrastructure such as utility poles, power supplies, and communications, and reducing overall project costs.

Among security professionals responsible for protecting critical assets, providing cost-effective outdoor security protection is a common need. Outdoor thermal cameras can continuously view, detect and operate more information 24 hours a day, thereby providing clearer images and more accurate alarms to enhance reliable situational awareness. In order to improve the benefits, lower costs have opened up new opportunities for improving the protection of key assets under any environmental conditions.

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