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The evolution of thermal imaging has already passed the stage of just seeing in the dark. At present, the technology of thermal imaging can be widely used for protection, warning, asset management, and health. More and more industrial companies, public institutions, authorities, and health organizations are starting to use thermal imaging technology to protect their assets, personnel and provide proactive warning systems.

By using heat signatures and applying ranges based on the environment and the application, Walson Thermal Solutions can mitigate overheating, risk of fires, identify elevated temperatures and enable first-line defense in complete darkness as well as during the day. With our thermal imaging and night vision surveillance cameras and accessories, you can distinguish actual events, risk areas and react faster while still having a secure overview of the area in question.

Night Vision Camera and Infrared Thermal Imaging Products List

Walson Surveillance and Security Camera FAQs

  • What Should I Be Looking For When Buying A Security Camera ?

    Some of the specifications should be clearly looked at before your purchase:

    Size of Lens: The distance in the specifications is varied depending on the way of calculation of different brands. Do not pay much attention to the distance figures that appeared on the paper. The bigger lens always means a longer detection distance.

    Resolution: This figure will decide the quality of the image. Optical resolution in the market is almost 2MP. When the resolution gets bigger, to 4mp even 8mp, because of the resolution limitation of the screen and server, you will not always obtain a much better image. Higher thermal resolution not only means better quality but also means high accuracy temperature measurement.

    Laser/Optical/Thermal: For daily use, LED can work well as a light source for night monitor. However, when you want to monitor long distance, there are some issues to think about. Do I need to see the very clear images? How about the working environment of the camera? 

  • What Kind Of Data Transmit Ways Can I Choose ?

    Internet cable, WIFI, 4G, satellite, etc

  • What Other Accessories Can A Night Or Thermal Imaging Video Camera Equip ?

    Wiper, GPS, fan, LRF, radar, etc

  • Can Wireless Camera Work Without Internet And Power Cable ?

    Yes, security camera has space for WIFI , 4G / 5G , and satellite transmit module. Solar system combine battery package can help camera work continuously at least one week.

  • How Long Camera Can Be Used For ?

    Under the instruction of the factory manual, cooled camera can work for 8000-10000hrs and uncooled camera can work for at least 2 years . Easily brokenparts including the motivator of the PTZ and thermal sensor. You can maintain the camera by parts replacement for at least 10 years.

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