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With our R&D team, Walson provides a variety of security camera replacement parts in addition to our finished security surveillance cameras. All the security camera accessories showed on this website are designed or produced by our own team. For Walson customized services, there are three main parts:

  • Unique camera except standard products.

    The shape, specifications, software functions of our cameras and surveillance camera parts can be changed by the customer needs. Logos, model names and model numbers can also be pointed by customers as OEM services.

  • Accessories sales

    Almost all security camera parts from Walson can be sold as products. Every thermal camera part is used by our own products and tested as the better quality than most part of products in the market.

  • Design and assemble

    Customers can provide security camera components to Walson for assembly service. Our R&D team will design the structure, pan/tilt, electronic board, software and other issues to make the final system can work well.

Types Of Thermal Camera Parts

  • IP HD Lens

    IP HD lens of 300mm、400mm、540mm、860mm and 920mm. Supports nine intelligent functions, such as trip line intrusion, crossing fence, area intrusion, items left behind, fast-moving, parking detection, personnel focusing, goods moving, and wandering detection.
  • PTZ For Camera

    PT series PTZ for camera adopts high-strength, high-precision, seamless mechanical structure design, and combines with large torque servo power device.
  • Thermal Lens

    Thermal infrared lens from Walson is based on uncooled/cooled microbolometer infrared focal plane vox sensor with 12/17µm pixel, image quality fine, observe small target more clearly, further detection distance.
  • Housing

    Camera housing for sale. Cheap camera housing made follow IP66 standard which protect cameras from water. Waterproof camera housings designed to protect cameras from broken.
  • Digital HD Lens

    HD digital lenses: 300mm, 400mm, 540mm, 860mm and 920mm.

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PTZ And Housing From Walson

  • Pan/Tile in Walson is the supporting equipment for installing and fixing the camera, which is divided into fixed and electric PTZ. Fixed PTZ is suitable for a small monitoring range. The electric pan-tilt is suitable for scanning and monitoring in a large range, which can expand the monitoring range of the camera. The high-speed attitude of the electric pan-tilt is realized by two executive motors, which receive signals from the controller to operate and position accurately. Under the control signal, the camera on the PTZ can not only scan the monitoring area automatically but also track the monitored object under the control of the personnel on duty in the monitoring center.

  • Depend on customer needs, the angle from Walson can reach 360° for pan and ±90° for tilt with up to 200°/s speed. All the pan/tilt with housing are designed and produced in line with the international military standards.

Thermal Sensor From Walson

Walson Tech uses the smallest pixel core series of optoelectronics to date integrates the most advanced infrared technology, providing solutions with a smaller size, lower power consumption, and better system cost, and promote the wider application of thermal imaging in the night vision system.

Compared to the low-resolution product in the market, Walson focuses on a high-resolution sensor such as 384*288 and 640*512. And there is also a breakthrough 1280 × 1024 detector, which is the largest area array + minimum pixel detector.

Custom Security Camera Replacement Parts

  • Camera module

    Walson provide HD camera options for IP and analog.

    For both thermal and HD lens, the bigger size means the further detection distance.

    Thermal resolution option includes 384*288, 640*512, 1080*1280.

  • Electronic Board

    Walson provide electronic board for power, control and AI function

  • Pan/Tilt

    The main figures include the requirements of angle, speed, upload weight and size of all the module.

  • Outer case

    IP level is always 66 or 67.

    Walson provide different shape of housecase include T-shape, dome, platform, bullet, etc.

  • Other Optical module

    Depend on the application environment, laser/lowlight may be required for the situation. Please talk to our salespeople for more information.

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