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HD cameras are widely used in the security system which can reach up to 8mp resolution. But the higher resolution doesn't always mean better image quality. Walsontec uses 2mp (1920 *1080) for almost all the HD cameras by balancing the image quality with fluency.

Walsontec provides HD video security cameras by IP or analog lens depend on customer needs. The advantages include but not limited in:

  • High image definition

    High definition IP network camera, which uses 5-million-pixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor, reach 1080p (1920 * 1080 resolution) full real-time image quality. The definition is far higher than the traditional sense of CCD analog camera, truly realizing the goal of HD monitoring.

  • The system has strong environmental adaptability

    The system has an adaptive intelligent adjustment mode, which can automatically adjust the aperture, gain, noise reduction and other parameters of the camera according to different light environments, and can always maintain the most perfect picture effect.

  • Color restoration lifelike

    The color display is comparable to the color restoration of professional 3CCD cameras. It has absolute advantages in high fidelity of image color, color information processing, wide dynamic, system noise reduction, etc.

  • Long system life

    Because the system uses CMOS image sensor, the power consumption and calorific value of the camera are low. The stability is also much higher than the traditional analog camera. At the same time, because the components are relatively simple, the failure rate is relatively low. It will support Poe power supply and supply power directly through the network cable, which solves the problem of power supply on site.

Types Of HD Camera

  • HD PTZ Camera

    EB series 4G high-definition control ball is a product developed for emergency control, mobile monitoring deployment and other video monitoring.
  • Under Water Robot

    URE series camera is a full attitude underwater robot. Strong observation ability, strong thrust, multi-degree of freedom, can complete forward, backward, side shift(left and right), up and down, roll, and pitch.
  • Under Water Camera

    The underwater video camera is an underwater camera system composed of high-quality cable as a video transmission control line, control box, pay off the winch, and other auxiliary control equipment.

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Features Of HD Camera

  • High-quality image for identification

  • Unique unti-fog function for harsh environment

  • Work with LED light for short range detection in night

  • Suitable for under water work with self-developed software

  • Variable application environment for further development

  • Long life serve time for stable use

The Composition of HD Camera

  • HD camera module

    IP or analog camera will be choose in this part. The camera can be inform of one part or combination of lens and module.

  • Electronic Board

    Board for image processing, power (power transfer and on/off mode), and system control (mainly controlled by users for imaging, recording and other operations)

  • Pan/Tilt

    Controlled camera to move to different area for monitor. The angle and speed of cameras are decided by the design of Pan/Tilt. Good pan/tilt can help user to target and tracking items fast and accurate

  • Outer case

    For inside module protection and button operation. The protection levels are usually up to IP66 level.

  • LED Light

    LED is equipped as light source of HD camera to realize monitor in night.

The Application Of HD Camera

  • Urban public security monitoring Urban public security monitoring
  • Urban environmental protection monitoring Urban environmental protection monitoring

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