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Although the infrared camera can see the image at night, it is often unable to see the human face. In addition, the monitoring distance of ordinary infrared is limited, which is a pity in some strict security monitoring places. However, the laser camera can also work without light to realize high-definition night vision at close range in a completely dark environment and ensure clear imaging.

What's more, the service life of laser security cameras is longer than that of ordinary infrared cameras. This point has more prominent advantages in the environment of 24-hour monitoring. Besides, the traditional infrared camera has a large heat dissipation, which not only consumes more power but also does not emit heat in the fuselage, causing the fuselage overheating, which can seriously affect the life of electronic components in the camera, while the laser surveillance camera does not have this hidden danger.

The laser light camera from Walson has a large illumination angle and can realize the monitoring in a 0 lux all-black environment, which can realize continuous monitoring day and night. Our long-range night vision security camera supports optical anti-shake function, which can effectively reduce the impact of tower shaking with autofocus technology. The whole system adopts high precision stepping motor and precision worm gear drive, with a large angle subdivision and high control precision.

Types Of Laser Camera

  • Vehicle Mounted Laser Camera

    The whole CLE series adopts an external MMA fine-tuning mechanism, which can complete laser alignment adjustment without disassembling the machine.
  • Dual Band Laser Camera

    WLS-LE Series adopt sync zoom laser IR illuminator system, illuminate far with large scope, can realize monitoring at 0Lux. Software can realize day and night 24 hours monitor.

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Feature of Laser Camera

  • Long-life serve time

  • Clear image (face, number, plate, etc) in night

  • Can work in totally dark environment

  • Lower power consumption suitable for solar system

  • Stable for shake, rain, smoke, snow and other harsh environment

  • Work well with thermal/HD system

  • Longer detection distance than traditional LED products

The Composition of Long Range Night Vision Camera

  • HD Camera module

    HD Camera sensor for target observation and lens for zooms and data transfer.

  • Electronic Board

    Board for image processing (switch temperature data into visible image), power (power transfer and on/off mode), and system control (mainly controlled by users for imaging, recording and other operations)

  • Pan/Tilt

    Control camera to move to different area for monitor. The angle and speed of cameras are decided by the design of Pan/Tilt. Good pan/tilt can help the user to target and track items fast and accurately.

  • Outer case

    For inside module protection and button operation. The protection levels are usually up to IP66 level.

  • Laser module

    Laser lamp adopts spot uniform strengthening and spot automatic focusing technology, with strong luminosity to make the image clear and uniform.

The Application Of Laser Camera

  • River and lake monitoring River and lake monitoring
  • Highway and high-speed railway safety monitoring Highway and high-speed railway safety monitoring

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