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The application scope of an infrared thermal imager is becoming more and more extensive with the deepening of people's understanding. An infrared thermal imager can be used very quickly to detect the bad contact of electrical equipment and overheated mechanical parts, so as to avoid serious short circuits and fire. For all directly visible devices, infrared thermal imaging products are able to identify thermal hazards at all connection points. For those parts that cannot be seen directly due to shielding, the thermal hidden danger can be found according to the heat conduction to the external parts.

Walsontech developed several thermal cameras for temperature measurement for option. A fixed thermal imager can monitor target temperature in 24 hours and all-weather. Portable devices can be used for details checking and petrol. Unique AI temperature modifies functions that can increased accuracy than the international standard.

Types of Temperature Sensing Camera

  • Human Body Temperature Measurement System

    WLS-HBM thermal imaging body temperature warning system is composed of a thermal imaging camera, an HD visible light camera, and a precision built-in black body. The system combines thermal imaging non...
  • Handheld Thermal Imager

    WLS-MTI Handheld Thermal Camera adopts the infrared detector with nearly 50000 pixels. It has wide temperature range (-20 ℃~+550 ℃, up to 1200°C), infrared with visible light fusion, 7 pseudo color...
  • Online PTZ Temperature Monitor System

    WLS-HBM thermal imaging temperature warning system is composed of a thermal imaging camera and a HD visible light camera. The system combines thermal imaging non-contact long-distance, wide-range temp...

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Features Of Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera

  • High resolution infrared thermal image

  • AI configuration for high accuracy measurement

  • Multi functions suitable for different using environment

  • Open SDK for further development

  • 24/7 hours work time for continuous monitor

  • Stable performance and long life time

The Composition of Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager

  • Thermal module

    Thermal sensor is for temperature collection. And it must be under the temperature modify to adjust extra hot and cold environment.

  • Inside black body

    Sensor will be passed high and low temperature test so that the camera won’t be adjusted again when the time pass or environment changed. However, sometimes black body will be used as a standard temperature reference which can keep at same temperature to help camera keep high accuracy.

  • Electronic boards for power supply, image processing, AI functios, etc.

  • Camera lens

    The effect distance will be decided by the length of the lens. The longer lens can detect longer target in practice. Also, the lens can be grouped into zoom lens and fixed lens.

  • Outer case

    For inside module protection and button operation. The protection levels are usually up to IP66 level.

The Application Of Temperature Measurement Thermal Imager

  • Forest Fire Protection, petroleum and petrochemical Forest Fire Protection, petroleum and petrochemical
  • Electronic network Electronic network

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