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Infrared thermal imaging technology has been applied in both civil and military fields. It originates from the military at first and is now gradually turning for civilian use. In civil use, it is generally called thermal imager, which is mainly used in research or industrial inspection and equipment maintenance. It is also widely used in fire prevention, night vision, and security. Generally speaking, the thermal imaging device is to transform the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors on the top of the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the object being measured.

With self-developed thermal imager sensors, shapes, software, and a variety of optical systems (such as daylight, LED, laser, and low light), thermal technology has been widely used in Walson products for different application environments. The whole thermal imaging system of our surveillance camera is stable, advanced, and easy to operate for the daily use of end-users.

Types Of Thermal Security Camera For Sale

  • PTZ Thermal Camera

    WLS-TS Series is a professional PTZ infrared thermal image night vision camera manufacturer. Up to 640 × 512 resolution infrared detector and full color high resolution HD display.
  • Cooled thermal Camera

    Cooled infrared thermal technology is to make the thermal imaging system work better, cooling its detector elements to low or deep low-temperature technology.
  • Vehicle Mounted Thermal Camera

    The Walson CTE-Series HD is most advanced dual-sensor security system, combining a cooled or uncooled 640 × 480 resolution thermal sensor, a 1080p HD visible-light imaging sensors, and a high speed, precision pan/tilt system.
  • Dome Thermal Camera

    WLS-DDTE can be attached to the drone, which integrates the self-stabilized PTZ, high resolution thermal camera lens and wireless image transmission.
  • PTZ Dual Band Infrared Camera

    PT series HD features a new high-performance 2x/4x optical zoom and thermal lens with autofocus. Compared with the previous generation lens, this new lens technology provides a wider zoom range and better imaging performance.

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The Composition of Thermal Security Cameras

  • Thermal module

    Thermal sensor for temperature collection and lens for zooms and data transfer.

  • Electronic Board

    Board for thermal imaging processing (switch temperature data into visible thermal imaging images), power (power transfer and on/off mode), and system control (mainly controlled by users for imaging, recording and other operations)

  • Pan/Tilt

    Control thermal video/vision camera to move to different areas for monitoring. The angle and speed of the thermographic imaging camera are decided by the design of Pan/Tilt. Good pan/tilt can help the users to target and track items fast and accurately.

  • Outer case

    For inside module protection and button operation. The protection levels are usually up to IP66 level.

  • Other Optical module

    Depends on the program needed, other optical systems may be interfaced into the whole system of different heat-sensitive cameras as support. All the systems are controlled by the same electronic board, move by the same pan/tilt and protect the same outer case as the thermal module do.

Thermal Imaging Camera Applications

  • Border defense Border defense
  • Smoke detection Smoke detection

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