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Solution of Early Warning in Mechanized Mining and Transportation System

Solution of Early Warning in Mechanized Mining and Transportation System

In the coal system, the detection of equipment operation and the safety prevention work are essential. With its non-contact, comprehensive, fast, and accurate temperature measurement characteristics, the infrared thermal imager has gradually become the main force of detection tools in the coal system. With the continuous development of infrared technology, the infrared thermal imager has been more and more widely used in coal mines, providing technical equipment for solving coal seam spontaneous combustion and searching and rescuing miners.

How detect the hidden danger quickly and accurately in the mining process and the coal storage and transportation system is the key to reducing and suppressing coal mine safety accidents. Walson Technology has an excellent technical performance in R&D and the production of infrared thermal imagers. It has the performance of automatically searching for hot spots, is safety and explosion-proof, and plays an important role in the safety production of coal mines all over the world.

  1. Temperature Measurement

It can quickly and accurately detect the hidden fire source in the coal yard and effectively prevent the occurrence of fire in the coal yard, so it is more and more widely used in the safety monitoring of the coal yard. A specific temperature measurement area can be planned, and a low-temperature alarm or a high-temperature alarm can be set for the temperature measurement area. When the temperature of the coal pile is higher than or equal to the warning temperature, the alarm will be triggered, which can prevent the coal pile from self-ignition due to excessive internal temperature after a long time of accumulation.



2. Area Protection

With thermal imaging technology, clear imaging can be achieved in 24-hour images under dim mines. When a person falls on the belt is detected in the dark, thermal imaging technology and intelligent analysis technology are used to detect the moving coal on the belt, and no alarm is given, but the person falls on the belt.

On the 15m transport belt, a person falling in is detected, and the on-off alarm is generated to power off the belt engine.

3. Other Application Case

Coal Factory:

For the coal stored in the open coal yard, the monitoring probe can be installed at the surrounding commanding heights;

Coal Storage:

For coal stored indoors (such as in coal shed and coal bunker), an infrared thermal imager can be installed on the upper packway or coal part of the steel structure;

Coal Transfer:

The coal conveyor belt is installed above one end of the conveyor belt to find the burning coal in advance and prevent the coal from igniting the conveyor equipment. The system can also detect the belt and idler heating caused by aging, friction, and other reasons. Timely play an early warning role to reduce or avoid belt conveyor accidents;

Fire Alarm:

Through the linkage with the fire fighting sprinkler system, the infrared thermal imager coal fire alarm system can better play its fire prevention and extinguishing functions;