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  • Pan-Tilt


    Pan-Tilt is classified as lightweight (15kg upload), middleweight (30kg upload) and heavyweight (over 50kg upload). It is designed for extremely high performance in the most demanding applications. It implements brushless motor technology with endless 360° panning and micro-stepping technology for precise (0.01°) pan and tilts positioning. It will support cameras to realize advanced functions, such as presets and auto cruise, and it will also complement almost any existing equipment that passes Pelco-D and Pelco-P protocols.

  • Easy Installation and user-friendly

    Easy Installation and user-friendly

    Although our security surveillance cameras are sophisticated and with varies functions, all the systems can be set down with their corresponding manual book within 10mins. The screens of our cameras can be operated both by web view and software (SDK is always available for customer development). They can also be worked with joysticks (not shown on the product page. Please check more information with salespeople and NVR/DVR. Cameras from Walsontech can be well connected to the customer platform to system solution. Most of the settings (auto-focus, zoom speed, etc) will be set before shipping depends on the past experience for best performance. All the settings can be adjusted by an inside manual for individual user hobbies.

  • Intelligent Functions

    Intelligent Functions

    Except basic software for monitoring, Walsontech provides different software or optional add-on functions. The softwares are suitable for face reorganization, intrusion alarm, fire/smoke detection, GPS/Beidou, laser rangefinder, bird/human/car/drone/ship auto-tracking, etc. The application environments will include border defense, seaport/farm/land protection, anti-UAV, under-water task, hunting, military/police devices, etc.

  • Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)

    Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)

    Walsontech has developed an advanced algorithm that enables the user to find low-resolution targets in long-range distance and harsh environment. This technology is going with all the thermal imaging cameras with Walsontech. It is the image quality enforce technology that helps cameras look more clear compared to the same specification.

  • Continuous Zoom

    Continuous Zoom

    Continuous zoom is a unique technology from Walsontech for targets at different distances. With auto-focus function, cameras with zoom can easily find the item and modify it to a bigger image for observation. Compared with electronic zoom, continuous zoom offer much better image quality for monitoring.

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