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1. The application of infrared handheld thermal imager in airports

With the continuous development of the aviation industry, airports are being built and expanded everywhere. Air travel has become the first choice for people's business travel. The efficient and fast transportation method provided by airplanes has brought convenience but in the meantime has become a key area for public security incidents and terrorist attacks. Therefore, the development of airport security has always been a focus of attention in China and even the world.

Due to the huge area of the airport, the monitoring arrangement is a very arduous task. In the face of illegal invasions and even terrorist attacks, ensuring the safety of all passengers is a very important matter for commercial airlines and alike.

Of course, not just passengers, airport staff and expensive equipment need to be protected. Infrared handheld thermal imagers can play a very important role in the night monitoring in airport, and the airport will become more secure.

2. The application of infrared handheld thermal imager in monitoring body temperature

In recent years, the airport aviation business has developed rapidly, with more than 1,000 inbound and outbound passengers every day. There is a large flow of inbound and outbound passengers at airports and ports in various countries, which is busy and crowded, and the situation is complicated. The corresponding inspection and quarantine work for entry and exit personnel is very heavy.

At the same time, in recent years, with the spread and raging of infectious diseases such as COVID19 and avian flu, traditional inspection and quarantine work is facing more and more severe challenges.

In order to ensure the safe and smooth customs clearance of inbound and outbound passengers under the new situation and carry forward the spirit of advancing with the times, it is necessary to adopt innovative thinking and methods to establish and transform a set of body temperature monitoring system adopting infrared handheld thermal imaging with advanced technology and high degree of automation, which can effectively improve the detection capabilities of infectious disease of entry and exit personnel at ports, and establish a good social image for inspection and quarantine personnel.

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