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In the contemporary era of endless security brands, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The security industry is in a state of extreme chaos. Consumers are becoming more and more rational, and homogenized products can no longer meet the needs of consumers.

1. The difference between high resolution thermal imaging camera and low-energy camera

The illuminance camera refers to the demand for the brightness of the surrounding environment when the camera is capturing images. 1LUX is approximately equal to the illuminance of 1 candlelight at a distance of 1 meter. Our common lowest photo (0.0001LUX) in the camera parameter specifications means that the camera can obtain clear images only under the LUX value indicated. The smaller the value, the better, indicating the higher the sensitivity of the CCD. The camera had the function of "color-to-black" before the low illuminance, but due to the large noise of the picture at night, not every customer liked it.

The power supply required by high resolution thermal imaging camera requires high stability and sufficient power; many customers have insufficient experience and purchase low-quality power supplies. Insufficient or excessive voltage and current will cause the equipment to fail. This is also the level where customers report the most problems.

However, whether the low-light cameras advertised on the market are manufacturers or importers, there are different opinions on the definition of low-light. Color cameras range from 0.0004 LUX to 1 LUX, and black and white cameras range from 0.0003 to 0.1 LUX. Up to 0LUX). In fact, how low the camera illuminance can be depends not only on the aperture size (F value) of the lens, but also on the conditions under which the marked LUX value can appear. There are also cameras with real low illumination, which have very low requirements for the environment, and imaging is also possible. If there are other auxiliary light sources outdoors, they can indeed replace the function of an infrared camera.

2. Advantages of high resolution thermal imaging camera

When there is no light in the room, low-light cameras are not suitable. At present, the price of a single product of low-light cameras is much higher than that of high-resolution thermal imaging camera products. Since the consumption habits of the Chinese people are preconceived, when people want to use the camera at night, they naturally think of the high resolution thermal imaging camera. Therefore, for a period of time, the low illumination camera cannot share the world equally with the high resolution thermal imaging camera.

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