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1. Hand-held thermal imager is the "guardians" of wild animals

In recent years, the trade of wild animals for the purpose of collection and breeding has become more and more prominent. In some major antique markets, flower and bird markets, and fish and insect markets, ivory, fur, rhino horn products, and animals like amphibians and reptiles have attracted the attention of many wealthy people.

Most of them buy wild animals and products for the purpose of investment and profit, and some people are proud of owning these "luxuries" and show their status. There are also people who buy wild animals to satisfy their own breeding hobbies. However, these hobbies are all originally at the expense of wild animal lives.

Coupled with the harsh living environment of wild animals, the number of wild animals has been drastically reduced in the long run, so the protection of wild animals has become urgent. Hand-held thermal imager has emerged as an ideal tool and has played a great role in the protection of wild animals.

2. Hand-held thermal imager can enhance wildlife search

The handheld thermal imaging camera can see clearly in the dark without being confused by visual camouflage. Unlike all other night vision systems, it does not require any light to produce clear images.

Many warm-blooded animals are mostly active at night, and they use dark cover to keep undetected. But even in a completely dark environment, in almost all weather conditions, their images will be clearly displayed in the form of handheld thermal imaging.

The use of handheld thermal imaging can enhance our observation and search of wild animals in two main ways. Without a handheld thermal imager, we would never know if there are wild animals around in the dark.

Many wild animals around at night keep extremely quiet. Animals are often threatened by being killed and swallowed by predators. Having a handheld thermal imager allows us to record and identify all the things in the dark, which greatly improves the time and efficiency of protecting wild animals.

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