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In recent years, technological reform and innovation has become the secret of success in all industries. With the continuous increase of power grid construction scale and distribution line equipment, the living standard of residents has been significantly improved. However, in most areas, short-circuit faults and disconnection accidents of distribution lines are also increasing year by year due to lightning damage, quality problems of distribution lines, human factors and environmental factors. Because the causes of transmission and distribution line faults are complex and the line fault rate is high, preventing transmission and distribution line faults is a long-term and arduous task, which should be continuously summarized, developed and improved through theory and practice.

The harm and loss caused by distribution line faults are also huge. The first is the harm to distribution equipment. After distribution line grounding and other faults, some distribution transformers may be damaged, resulting in the burning and breakdown of lightning arresters and fuse insulation on the line, resulting in electrical fire accidents. In addition, intermittent arc grounding may occur, resulting in insulator breakdown on the line and some huge short-circuit accidents.


There is also harm to substation equipment. If the distribution line cannot work normally due to grounding, the voltage transformer on the substation bus will detect that the voltage transformer is zero sequence current, the excitation current increases and the iron core is saturated. If it works for a long time, the voltage transformer will be burned. In actual operations, if the substation voltage transformer is damaged, it will lead to equipment damage and power failure in many areas. Moreover, if the grounding fails, the phenomenon of resonant overvoltage may occur, which is several times higher than the normal voltage, endangering the insulation of the substation equipment, and in serious cases, causing the insulation breakdown of the substation equipment, resulting in many major accidents.


Because of the relatively complex lines and geographical environments of the distribution network, a large number of line branches, large power load and high failure rate, it is very difficult to patrol and troubleshoot the lines. Therefore, the scientific research team cooperates with the power supply company to actively plan, investigate and study the power grid layout characteristics and load law. Based on the results of investigation and analysis of the geographical environment, climate conditions and geological conditions of some urban areas, a series of real-time on-line thermal image temperature measurement systems for power grid have been established, which are the small assistant for troubleshooting of power distribution network, enabling the four parties of power transmission, transformation, distribution and consumption to interact and communicate, implementing the accurate positioning of short-circuit fault, grounding fault and overcurrent in power supply and distribution system, quickly cutting off the fault area, reducing the power outage range, improving the power supply reliability.

The online thermal image system of distribution line fault can be installed in the high point area around the distribution line for online monitoring of distribution line operation and fault conditions. It is a distributed remote monitoring system with remote transmission capacity, centralized management and timely alarm notification intelligent fault troubleshooting system.

The front-end of the system is based on the latest sixth-generation uncooled infrared technology, high-definition visible light imaging technology, AI intelligent analysis technology, laser lighting / ranging technology,  wireless transmission technology and power consumption control technology, and integrates day and night monitoring, intelligent analysis Intelligent surveillance camera integrating active defense. It has the characteristics of wide application, flexible deployment, unattended, high intelligence and strong environmental adaptability.


The product replaces the human eye with the infrared thermal imaging camera and laser camera, replaces the human brain with intelligent algorithm and deep learning, takes Countermeasures in real time with acousto-optic rejection, integrates detection, analysis and rejection, and completely subverts the traditional technical defense mode of civil air defense.


The product is embedded with AI intelligent video analysis block module and adopts an advanced intelligent image processing algorithm, which can well distinguish the behavior of monitored objects in different environments. Built-in advanced intelligent tracking engine can continuously track moving or stationary objects, and automatically adapt to various complex detection environments. The setting of detection and alarm rules is convenient and fast, and the learning cost is low, which can greatly reduce human, financial and material resources.

In the system, the fault monitoring system can monitor the line operation in real time. In the case of short-circuit fault of power line, grounding fault, overcurrent shutdown and power transmission, the audible and visual alarm can be set to transmit the collected characteristic data to the main control room. The diagnosis system in the main control room sends information to relevant management personnel, maintains the mobile phones of personnel in the duty room, and displays the fault location on the computer.

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