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The Method You Need To Know For Drone Solutions

The Method You Need To Know For Drone Solutions

In the future, only by strengthening the supervision and governance of UAVs in the world can we curb the further spread of security crises and ensure the mature development of the UAV industry. So, how to strengthen governance?

Violent Destruction

In fact, the main idea of anti UAV governance of black flying is to make the black flying UAV unable to act, and the simplest and rough way to make it unable to act is to destroy it. This kind of method is based on the conventional firepower, which is an extension of the UAV industry; The second is a laser weapon strike; the Third is a microwave weapon strike; The fourth is drone interception.

The specific operation steps of the first three methods are basically the same, and the difference is that the weapons used in the strike are different. Conventional Firepower Strike is to intercept and destroy with missiles and shells, which is a commonly used method in the military field. The use of laser weapons can further improve the strike accuracy, while microwave weapons can improve the striking intensity, which is mainly selected according to the strike needs.

The so-called UAV interception is to let the UAV carry strike weapons, intercept and destroy the target UAV in the air, or directly use the UAV to collide and destroy the target UAV, or pull a net to "catch". In short, this way of attacking and destroying UAVs is still different from the first three weapons, because it is more flexible, convenient and easy to operate.

Technology blocking

The UAV can be forced to deviate from the course of operation by means of violence or jamming, so as to force the UAV to depart from the course of operation. There are three main methods extended from this idea. One is to interfere with satellite navigation; The second is to interfere with RF communication; The third is to interfere with gyro stability.

We know that satellite navigation is the basis for UAVs to obtain location information, accurate positioning, and flight. If we use electronic technology to interfere with or intercept the satellite navigation signal of a UAV, it can make it unable to locate and deviate from the channel, so as to block the normal flight of the UAV. Previously, the "anti UAV electromagnetic gun" used in Australia was based on this principle.

The same is true of jamming RF communication and gyro stability. RF communication is the link between the UAV and the control platform, and the gyroscope device is the key for the UAV to maintain its own balance. Whether we use electronic technology to cut off the communication signal of UAV or use acoustic interference to destroy the balance of UAV, it can make UAV lose the ability of normal flight.


Of course, in addition to the above violent destruction and technical blocking, the more advanced and better way to control the black flying UAV is to find ways to seize or influence the control and decision of the target UAV. The governance method born from this is mainly technical deception, including three forms of deception: one is optical deception; The second is electronic deception; The third is network deception.

Optical deception and electronic deception are mainly used on the military battlefield. The principle of the former is to irradiate your own false target with a laser, hide the truth and show the false, deceive the enemy UAV, let the enemy UAV make wrong decisions under the influence of false signals, and then your own side waits for the opportunity to attack or control the other party. The latter principle is to confuse the other party with electronic false signals and affect the other party's decision-making.

Network deception is more universal. The specific method is to carry out a network attack on the UAV control system by implanting a trojan virus or installing a backdoor program and sending false instructions through the command center to control and take over the target UAV. This treatment method has high technical requirements, but the effect obtained after an application is slightly better than other methods