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Thermal Camera Distance Measurement

Thermal Camera Distance Measurement

A thermal imager with high resolution can get more pixels for your measurement target, and improve the accuracy even from a distance. A narrow field of view angle (e.g. 6 °) can enlarge distant objects and also make distant targets obtain more pixels.

When using an infrared thermal imager to measure temperature, your target to be measured needs to obtain at least 3 × 3 pixels to ensure accurate measurement results. The usual method is to ensure that the area to be measured completely covers the thermal imager point temperature measuring tool or the small round hole at the cross center of the central temperature measuring point. Because if the measured area cannot completely cover the small round hole, even if you can see the measurement target on the viewfinder, it does not mean that you can measure it accurately.

The target to be measured shall obtain at least 3 × 3 pixels and covers the spot size of the measuring tool

Here's how to calculate how far you can measure a specific size target and obtain accurate temperature measurements. However, this calculation method takes some brain, but in most cases, there is no need to worry about these complex calculations.


The following types of applications generally require remote measurement:

● measure roofs or other tall objects from ground level

● monitoring power line

● monitoring of substations and transmission lines

● UAV monitoring and mapping

● UAV solar power station detection

● carry out distance detection when it is dangerous or unrealistic to approach the target

These applications may require you to calculate the distance coefficient ratio of the thermal imager to ensure that the target to be measured obtains at least 3 × 3 pixels.

The following types of applications generally do not require remote measurement:

● check whether there are problems such as air leakage and lack of thermal insulation in the house or building

● detect moisture problems

● test switch boxes and another home wiring

● monitor transformers, motors, etc. when it is safe and feasible to approach the equipment

● vehicle maintenance and repair

● easily ensure that the target can cover 3 × Measure large targets at 3 pixels

In particular, the zoom function of the thermal imager can only enlarge pixels: it does not enhance your ability to measure smaller targets. If the target is particularly small, you can get closer to ensure that you get at least 3 times as much as you need for accurate measurements × 3 pixels. All safety precautions must be observed and do not approach unless the environment or equipment is safe.