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Outdoor observation is generally carried out at night, since many animals become lazy at night, motionless, and easier to hit. Without a good thermal imaging camera, the difficulty of outdoor observation can be imagined. If you are too close to the target, it is easy to be noticed, which will disturb the animals. So it is of great significance to choose a best thermal imaging camera for outdoor observation. Generally, Infrared thermal imagers and normal night vision devices can be used for outdoor observation. Thermal imagers for outdoor observation is easier to find targets and find the exact location of the animal.

thermal imagers for hunting

Thermal Imaging Camera For Outdoor Observation:

  • Development of Thermal Imaging Camera
  • See Through Darkness
  • Handheld Thermal Imager for Outdoor Observation
  • How To Choose The Best Handheld Thermal Imager For Outdoor Observation?

Development of Thermal Imaging Camera

Many years ago, the cost for a thermographic imaging camera would is much higher than a medium-scale car. But gradually, with the development of thermal imaging technology, more and more affordable infrared thermography cameras have appeared in the whole market. Although the resolution of these thermal imaging cameras is lower than the resolution of most visual photo cameras, the high contrast image of a thermal imaging camera really is a great way for tracking game. With these devices you can see the outlines of animals and people very clearly even in total darkness and in light fog.

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See Through Darkness

To find wildlife, the detecting instruments have developed a lot in the last century. Followed by the night light amplifying vision system, binoculars is now used extremely widely all over the world, which can be used to spot animals at night. However, in some cases, night vision isn't available to spot animals in unreadable environments. Therfore, we provides an continuously evolving array of handheld thermal monocular telescopes to detect wildlife. 

Thermal cameras can see through the darkness, ignoring the visual camouflage. Unlike other night vision systems, they do not require any light to produce a sharp image. Many warm-blooded animals are mostly nocturnal, taking advantage of the darkness without being seen, but even in total darkness and almost all weather conditions, they are clearly visible in thermal imagery.

Handheld Thermal Imager for Outdoor Observation

Many animals have evolved to blend in, making them hard for wildlife lovers to find. However, these camouflaged animals are evident in the thermal images. 

Because most wild animals are well camouflaged, many of them go undetected if you use traditional methods such as binoculars or light amplifying vision systems. Most wildlife enthusiasts are well aware that it is nearly impossible to track down or track young deer (also known as Fawns) in a Hayfield, for example. With a Walson handheld thermal imager, however, even the most camouflaged animals can be seen by observers. 

handheld thermal imager for hunting

You can use our thermal imaging monocular to find almost any warm-blooded animal. If you have a good vantage point, you can quickly find a heat source on the grass. We found that not only warm-blooded animals like cats and rabbits give off heat, but ants and piles of Dung also show up very clearly on the thermal images.

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How To Choose The Best Handheld Thermal Imager For Outdoor Observation?

Infrared Detectors Pixels

Infrared detectors are divided into cooled and uncooled types. Cooled infrared detectors are mainly used in high-end military equipment and are expensive.The uncooled infrared detector can work at room temperature, and the volume and power consumption are greatly reduced. Most of the uncooled infrared detectors are used in the civil field.

Before choosing a thermal camera, it is necessary to know that the pixel level of the detector is the most important parameter, which will directly affect the final imaging effect. The higher the detector's pixels, the sharper the image, and the better the experience.

The Resolution of Display

The other most important parameter to understand before purchasing a handheld thermal imager for For outdoor observation is the resolution of the display. When the infrared detector has a certain number of pixels, the resolution of the display will directly affect the imaging sharpness. The higher the resolution of the display, the sharper the image, and the better the experience.

How To Choose The Best Handheld Thermal Imager For Hunting?

Whether It Has The Function Of Taking Photos And Recording Videos

Whether it has the function of taking photos and recording video is also the most important parameter of thermal spotting scope. With the infrared thermal camera that can take photos and video, it is very convenient to capture precious image data.

Angle Of View And Spatial Resolution

The greater angle of view of the night vision telescope, the maximum range of space that the thermal imager can detect. The larger the field angle, the larger the range can be detected.

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