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Thermal Imaing Solutions for Electricity Security

Thermal Imaing Solutions for Electricity Security

MTI series thermal imager adopts an inclined optical design, supports a non-contact detection method, is simple and easy to use, and can safely and comfortably evaluate the condition of key electrical and mechanical equipment. Advanced functions such as one-touch level/span contrast enhancement and laser-assisted autofocus ensure more accurate temperature measurements of thermal images. In addition, the temperature measurement accuracy of the T series can reach 2 ° C / ± 2% within a specific temperature range, which helps professionals make quick decisions. 


Fault diagnosis of transmission line 

High voltage electrical equipment often heats up before failure. By using an infrared thermal imager to continuously monitor the high-voltage equipment, the fault location can be found in time.


Temperature monitoring of power distribution room

Without electricity, the factory cannot continue to operate. This is why regular maintenance is important to ensure that the power distribution system is in normal working condition. The thermal imager can help detect hot spots in the power distribution system before an interruption occurs. Once the root cause of the problem is determined, it can help diagnose the electrical problem at the fault point.

Temperature fault monitoring of substation equipment

Due to the aging infrastructure and the lack of automation systems to monitor the status of substations and other key equipment of the power grid, the risk of a power failure and power failure of the power grid is increasing. For example, transformer oil leakage or internal insulation breakdown may lead to overheating, which may lead to failure, but many utility companies do not have automatic thermal detection systems to reveal these problems. No matter what the cause is, a serious substation fault may cascade into a series of faults.