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The Walsontech's laser night vision and infrared thermal imaging products have been widely used in security areas including national defense, safe city, railway, highway, forest fire-prevention, oil field and other industries. Combined with our own software, our products can realize all-weather video monitoring, providing technical support for national security and social stability. Reinforcement information equipment has been widely used in the army, navy, air force, rocket force, armed police and other services and arms serving the national defense information construction. In addition to the domestic market, the company's products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as the United States and France.

Night Surveillance Cameras For City Security System

Walson City Security system combines LED solutions for short-range, laser solutions for middle range, and thermal solutions for a long-range monitor to realize functions including:

Area protection: For the important place in monitor area such as government, school, bank, senior residence, the software will provide preset patrol, area intrusion alarm, video recording, and other functions.


Thermal Imaging Security Cameras For High-point Monitoring

The urban high-altitude observation system refers to the video monitoring system composed of pan-tilt cameras and supporting transmission, display, control and other equipment in the position of 30 ~ 100 meters above the ground in the city, so as to realize the real-time video monitoring within a radius of several kilometers.

The urban high-altitude observation system is an important part of the construction of a "safe city". It is of great significance for urban fire control, urban key target monitoring, urban public security monitoring, forest fire monitoring, airport perimeter security monitoring, air defence safety monitoring, border defense monitoring, urban environmental protection monitoring and so on.

Thermal Imaging Devices For Car-Mounted Movement Monitoring

The wireless 3G vehicle video monitoring system, such as dual band wifi security camera, realizes the functions of video data encoding and decoding, encryption and decryption, interaction, sending/receiving, and remote control. Taking advantage of the advantages of the wireless 5G network and internet network of operators, you can quickly connect with the system no matter when and where, and realize remote monitoring and management conveniently.


Night Vision And Thermal Imaging Systems For Railway Monitor

Long and medium distance laser night vision camera or thermal imaging device is installed along the railway to monitor whether there are illegal intrusions on both sides of the track, sundries affecting the operation of the track, landslides, etc., so as to ensure the safe operation of the train. Security equipment is installed in the freight yard and machine room to monitor whether there is theft and damage. The environment along the railway is usually bad, with more wind, frost, snow and fog. The high-speed train will bring relatively large vibration, and often the mountain is high and the road is far away, the point is relatively scattered, and sometimes work at height. All these determine that the front-end equipment is different from the general security products and must have high quality and high stability, otherwise it will bring great pressure on the later maintenance.

Security Cameras With Audio And Night Visions For Maritime Application

The channel intelligent monitoring system is composed of front-end equipment and back-end monitoring and management system. The front-end equipment is composed of infrared thermal imager + automatic tracking module + laser night vision device + network transmission equipment. It is mainly responsible for image acquisition, ship intelligent tracking and ship number viewing. The back-end monitoring and management system consist of central management server + video storage server + GIS management server + alarm linkage server+ It is composed of a streaming media forwarding server and client monitoring software, which is mainly responsible for equipment management, user management, video monitoring and video recording, streaming media forwarding, GIS map labelling and other functions. The thermal imager is responsible for the detection of passing ships. When a ship is found passing by, the intelligent tracking module will locate and track it. Then, the laser night vision device will automatically track the moving ship, and zoom the long focal length to observe the ship's numbers and names and take photos for archiving. At the same time, it can also realize the functions of ship prohibition, no stopping, traffic statistics and perimeter intrusion prevention.

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