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Some large-scale aquaculture farms, beaches and marine pastures along the coast cover an area of thousands of square kilometers, and their investment is often hundreds of millions. Moreover, some aquaculture products are precious seafood, such as sea cucumber, abalone, large yellow croaker and other valuable aquatic products. They are an important source of income for farmers because the aquaculture products are of high value and have the reputation of underwater banks. As a result, theft incidents occur frequently. The amount of theft of some aquaculture farms can reach millions or even tens of millions a year.


In the long aquaculture process from seedling to harvest, aquaculture personnel needs to pay hard work and sweat. However, due to the lack of attention to anti-theft monitoring measures, tragic consequences of being robbed may occur. The theft of precious seafood products not only causes great economic losses to farmers, but also brings a blow to the spirit and psychology. Therefore, it is particularly important and urgent to take preventive measures in the safety prevention of farms.

However, due to the wide distribution area of marine aquaculture, management is an important problem for farmers. The monitoring distance is hundreds of kilometers at least, a few kilometers or even more than ten kilometers at a distance. In all management, "anti-theft" is the key difficulty: however, the personnel on duty at night are limited. With such a large area, the effect of ordinary monitoring means is not very good, especially at night. They drive a speedboat and enter the breeding area at night to steal, which is very difficult to prevent, which makes many farmers headache.

Building a set of applicable marine ranch monitoring system can not only avoid the stolen loss but also save the patrol personnel on duty. Therefore, the remote monitoring and anti-theft system that can see the whole aquaculture water area clearly during the day and night has become an urgent need.

The whole system consists of radar detection equipment, photoelectric acquisition equipment, central monitoring and management system, etc. After the radar detection equipment detects the target, it sends the target position information to the photoelectric acquisition equipment. The photoelectric detection equipment rotates to the corresponding guidance position, locks the target manually and turns to the automatic tracking state. The photoelectric detection equipment tracks the target in real time. The central monitoring and management system deploys a photoelectric linkage computer, a radar computer, a network storage and a server. The radar and photoelectric operation computer are used to display and control the radar detection equipment and front-end photoelectric acquisition equipment, the server is used to deploy the special platform server, and the network storage is used to store and record the video collected by the photoelectric acquisition equipment.

Ocean surveillance system software is a comprehensive visual target detection system integrating user management, video surveillance, target positioning, radar equipment management and photoelectric equipment management. The system combines video technology, intelligent detection technology, network communication technology and software platform technology, and can realize large-scale and long-distance target comprehensive recognition. It can automatically monitor the target situation in the system deployment area by all-weather and multi means, accurately locate and track the suspected target in real time, and realize the playback function of the historical track. It can meet the requirements of target tracking and recognition in a variety of application scenarios.

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