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TS Series Single Band PTZ Thermal Camera Introduction

TS Series Single Band PTZ Thermal Camera Introduction

TS Series of Long Range IR PTZ Thermal Imaging Camera products are developed based on the latest fifth-generation uncooled infrared technology and continuous zoom infrared optical technology. The 12/17 μm ultra-fine uncooled focal plane imaging detector with high sensitivity and adopt with 640 × 512 / 384 × 288 / 1280 × 1024 resolution. The advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm provides with fine and smooth imaging effect. The miniaturized infrared lens designed with +DOE continuous zoom optical technology is small in size and light in weight, which can realize the search and observation within the range up to 30km, and take into account the dual application needs of search and observation, which brings great convenience to the installation and application of users. The housing is made of a super-strong aluminum alloy full seal design, which has reached the protection level of IP66 and ensures the long-term operation of the camera system in a harsh environment application.


TS Series is suitable for:

1. Auto-tracking system;
2. Anti-drone tracking system;
3. Panoramic stitching;
4. Radar linkage;
5. Hot-point alert;
6. Patrol detection;
7.3D zooming/positioning selection;
8. Analysis: Invasion, leaving, straggling, retention, lingering, target trajectory.