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Portable thermal imaging camera are mainly used for long-range monitoring especially in harsh environments such as dark, foggy, raining and snowing. Thermal imaging technology is improving greatly with the development of night vision research. With thermal support, it's easier to find and locate the targets in totally dark conditions or to search for hidden targets.

At present, infrared thermography technology has been widely used in searching for and rescuing missing persons, searching for fugitives, anti-drug and monitoring the surrounding conditions, and has become an indispensable tool in law enforcement. Besides, thermal imaging technology is extensively used for spotting animals as well. With the efforts of designers and staff, night vision technology, especially thermal imaging technology, has been used more and more widely. At present, there are more than a dozen applications. 

Wolson infrared thermal camera is capable to protect key hardware components in all weather conditions, even in the most difficulty situation. With the characteristics of waterproof, compact, lightweight, and shock resistant, our thermographic camera is perfectly capable of coping with rough outdoor environments. Intuitive controls and revamped internal menus allow quick thermal palette adjustments and provide easy access to new features such as picture-inpicture zoom, video recording, and GPS functionality.

  • Outdoor

    Portable thermal imaging devices are mainly used for long-range monitoring especially in harsh environment such as dark, foggy, raining and snowing.
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  • Security

    The Walsontech's laser night vision and infrared thermal imaging products have been widely used in security area including national defense, safe city, railway, highway, forest fire prevention, oil field and other industries.
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  • Firefighting

    General forest fire is sudden, random and can cause huge loss in a short time. Therefore, once there is a fire, it is necessary to take measures to put out the fire at a very fast speed.
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  • Online Temperature Monitor

    Infrared thermal imager for indusial temperature security is the development direction of modern electric power enterprises to make a reliable prediction of the early fault defects and insulation perf...
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  • Military

    A large number of technologies that we seem to be very common today were mostly used in the military field at first. Radar and jet engines were the first to be developed by the military and used for m...
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