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For the fire truck, the vehicle rescue equipment is the necessary equipment to ensure operational safety. Although not as eye-catching as firefighting drones and firefighting robots, but when encountered with danger is the existence of the power to save the day. Car infrared camera is such a product.

1. The advantages of vehicle mounted thermal imaging camera

Matching with the main combat vehicle used in fire detection vehicle infrared camera, the vehicle mounted thermal camera is safe, simple, easy to operate and easy to use. The entire vehicle thermal imaging camera system is based on an advanced, excellent vehicle thermal camera, with a simple control system, control terminal set in the cab. The vehicle mounted thermal camera is controlled by the system motor, and can have remote connection through a tablet computer from the cab remote control.

It is suitable for all kinds of fire trucks (command vehicle, city main fighting vehicle, water tanker, foam truck, rescue truck, etc.). To dea; with large petrochemical fires, tire factories, paper mills and other large factory fires, large residential fires, vehicle accident rescue and relief, etc., it can be a great help.

2. The different use scenarios of the vehicle mounted thermal camera

1) Use scenario 1

When firefighters face petrochemical fires, large plant fires, tire factories, paper mill fires that require long time and multi-departmental cooperation to fight, they need to keep an eye on the temperature change of the fire point from the beginning to the end.

For example: when firefighters first face a storage tank on fire, firefighters need to know the temperature of the storage tank, where the highest temperature point is, where the lowest temperature point is, how much the temperature of the storage tank has dropped after several hours of fighting process, whether the highest temperature point has been displaced, and whether the storage tank has returned to normal temperature after dozens of hours of fighting. All of these need to be paired with the vehicle infrared camera fire scene reconnaissance. The main combat vehicle can be stable enough for a long time to observe the conditions, and it can not be completed by firefighters handheld thermal imaging camera

A. The use time of firefighters personal thermal imaging camera is limited.

B. Firefighters can not hold a thermal imaging camera standing at the original observation site for 24 hours or even longer.

2) Use scenario 2

When a traffic accident, the accident vehicle may have four people, but the vehicle rolled over, throwing out three people, the fire truck arrived at the scene rescue, and there is no witness to tell the firefighters to throw out the three people specific location. Then you need the car infrared camera to the traffic accident as the origin, the surrounding dozens or hundreds of meters to search and rescue, in order to quickly find the injured and rescue, because the car infrared camera liftable design, coupled with the car infrared camera Because of the liftable design of the vehicle infrared camera, coupled with the height of the fire truck, the search range can be expanded exponentially than the search range of firefighters handheld thermal imaging camera.

3) Use scenario 3

At night, when executing fire fighting and rescue in the district residential buildings and supermarkets, firefighters cannot know where there are trapped people and when they will appear in which window, and the cry for help of trapped people may be covered by the noise at the scene. Firefighters can continuously scan the building with vehicle mounted thermal camera and notify the combat firefighters at the first time when they find trapped people To rescue. In contrast, for handheld vehicle mounted thermal cameras, it is impossible to obseve the building for a long time,.

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