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WLS-FR Intelligent Forest-Fire Prevention Software

WLS-FR Intelligent Forest-Fire Prevention Software

Function Specifications:

Primary Function

Secondary Function


Photo-electronic Devices

Information Management

support the functions of adding, deleting, modifying, and checking devices, support administrators to add, delete and check devices of their departments and subordinate departments, support the combination and non-combination mode to add visible and thermal imaging devices, support devices information push, adding or deleting or modifying or devices online information push to various clients,   and automatic update and display in client-side, support real-time monitoring device online status and display with different icon colors, support device automatic re-connection after offline, support list and device tree to display device information, support device tree keyword filtering, support fuzzy inquiry device information in management list, support device parameters. Number configuration, batch operation support part of the device functions, real-time display of device orientation information and field of view information for visible and thermal imaging, device support directional and non-directional modes, support of fixed focus and zoom.

Video Preview

Supports 1/3/4/9/16/25   split screen, TV wall mode display video, double-click video magnification display, panoramic mosaic display mode, video drag-and-replace interaction function, video right-click menu function, Thermal image function menu,   capture and video recording function, double-click device, and drag-and-drop device to preview video picture, and support support support. Holding single and all disconnected preview of the video, supports double-click department to play all video functions, supports full-screen video display mode, supports video re-connection after abnormal disconnection, supports custom view function,   supports video rotation function.

PTZ Control

Supports the control of platform in 8 directions, including up, down, left, right, up, left, down, and right, supports the control of lens in the zoom, focus, and aperture 3, supports the functions of conventional preset, lens preset, and functional preset,   supports the preset sequence and time in cruise plan and free planning cruise plan. Supports Fan-scan cruise, supports cruise plan, supports positioning and display of horizontal angle, pitch angle, and field of view angle,   supports 3D frame selection zooming or zooming, supports software and hardware 3D zooming or zooming, supports direction control of video mouse,   and supports batch remote restart, homing and cruise.

Panoramic Stitching

Supports the seamless   panoramic mosaic of visible imaging, 360 degrees of thermal imaging, 70   degrees of Tilt algorithm, double-click panoramic guiding device at any   position, real-time panoramic display device's current position, visible or   thermal imaging panoramic display, panoramic upload, and download, support one   upload for multiple uses;

Video Playback

Support the playback of local video and alarm video, search according to device and time, support the playback operation of playback, pause, fast playback, slow playback, single-frame playback, etc.

Video Protocol

Support private protocols of mainstream manufacturers such as HikVision, Dahua, and Yushi, and support access of 28181 and RTSP standard video protocols.

Fire-Point Alert

Fire-Point Alert

support fire alarm detection; support alarm detection operation under patrol mode; supports the alert strategy; support visible & thermal imaging cooperative alarm; support both visible and thermal imaging automatic video recording, automatic capture function; support alarm push function, support synchronous display of weather near the fire point, supports the use of 3D elevation data to calculate the   GPS position of the fire point; support shielding function of false alarm zone.

Alert Processing

Support fire spread analysis, emergency plan, alert processing, true and false alert category marking, support alarm record query function, support multi-condition filtering query, support alarm video, capture view function, support short message push alarm function, support to view fire attachments, relief materials and relief personnel.

Forest-Fire Resources

Resource Management

Support customization   of resource type, protection object type and job type, support of job   management, support of protection object management, support of contact   management, support of emergency plan management, support of disaster relief   pair, and relief personnel management

Aggregation Search

support information aggregation search function, through the aggregation search function, can query the corresponding department information, device information, and the corresponding disaster relief personnel information. Supports further operation by searching information, such as preview device video, display corresponding alarm information, meteorological information, disaster relief resources, disaster relief personnel, and other device information of the same department, etc.

Intelligent Algorithm

Cross-Line Invasion

Support multi-line segment detection, support multiple rules in a scene; support polygon area invasion detection; support multi-area rules in a scene; support cross-line invasion detection in pre-positioned cruise mode; support drawing detected targets on video; support visible or thermal imaging to enable cross-line invasion detection; support linkage capture and video of cross-line invasion detection.

Smoke Recognition

Support visible smoke detection, overlay detection information in the video; support visible smoke alert;   support alarm video capture; support GPS positioning of alarm information using 3D elevation data; support false alarm area shielding function; support alarm push; support cooperative thermal image alarm strategy.

Electronic Map

Normal Function

Support the functions of ranging and area measurement; support custom landing plotting; support map dragging, mouse roller level enlargement or reduction; support the display of   EAGLE-EYE map and scale; support the display of GPS location information where the mouse is located.

Trend of Distribution

Support offline GIS   image map; support map landing point display of the device; support real-time display device capability coverage; support device fast positioning in the map; support display device list; support bullet window video; support   4-screen, visible and thermal imaging video synchronous display; support shot and video operation of bullet window video; support the display of warning information and meteorological information; support map counter-control;   support historical fire-point display; support regional search; support the plotting of materials, protected objects, paths, villages, and responsible areas.

System Function


Support distributed deployment, distributed deployment of device control services, forest fire service services, regional deployment; support multi-client used the system simultaneously;   support distributed streaming media server technology.

Multi-Screen Display

Supports video preview,   electronic map, video surveillance, video playback, and information management split-screen display. Supports multiple split-screen displays of video preview interface.

Log Information

Supports recording operation log of the photo-electronic device and user operation log, querying log information according to the organization, device, time, and other conditions, and exporting log information to Excel.

System Setting

Support system name setting; support multi-skin setting; support multi-language setting; support map address setting; support local storage path setting; support personal password modification; support disk reserved space setting; support automatic video coverage; support connection mode setting; support direct connection and streaming media connection mode selection.


support multi-level departments and up to five-level Department management; support account management; support each department administrator's account management functions for their respective departments and subordinate departments; support user AES+RES   secure login authentication; support service shutdown account automatic exit function, and support the compulsory offline function of remote logged-in account when the account logs in. Supports deleting all subdivisions,   accounts, and other subordinate information of the Department synchronously   when deleting the Department

System Interface

Peripheral Interface

support meteorological device   management, updating meteorological information, accessing short message   module; support front-end alarm output control; support camera intercom device   access

Service Interface

Support TCP interface access, support service interface SDK, SDK support account login, basic information acquisition and maintenance, information, alarm push interface,   device control interface, support Huawei VCN3000 platform access.

Application Interface

Support standard interface protocol, protocol support alarm related operation interface;   support platform docking protocol customization can provide corresponding interface services according to customer protocol.

Schematic Diagram