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ZTE Drone Detection and Tracking Camera Introduction

ZTE Drone Detection and Tracking Camera Introduction

ZTE series of Intelligent drone tracking thermal camera is developed independently by Argustec-HPWS technology, which is specially designed for all-dimensional security of key places and key areas such as conference centers, office buildings, prisons, airports, military bases, nuclear-biochemical industry, border, and coastal defense. It can integrate a high-definition visible imaging camera, cooled/uncooled thermal imager, near-infrared laser illumination, and another multi-spectrum detection module. it can also add-on with other modules such as laser rangefinder, GPS/BD, electronic compass, auto-tracking system, intelligent analysis system, and so on, so as to reach all-weather, all-timing and all-dimension discover, positioning, tracking, identification, and pursuit of targets, and the operation distance can be up to 20km. This photo-electronic platform can be fixed stationary and also mounted on a vehicle. The photo-electronic platform is designed with military quality, and the whole casing is made of super-strong cast aluminum material. The protection level reaches IP66, which effectively ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment in the harsh environmental field.

Apart from being used as an independent photo-electronic detection system, the photo-electronic platform can also be applied in conjunction with radar equipment, passive spectrum detection equipment, radio interference equipment, etc. to form an anti-UAV auto-defense system, so as to reach early detection, quick locking, stable tracking, quasi recognition and strong counteracting of UAVs.